Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Vitamin D

by Carol
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

Are there any studies done regarding Vitamin D deficiency causing or contributing to polymyalgia rheumatica?

I have a sister, 60 years old, who has suffered with diagnosed PMR for many years, takes prednisone and also takes 2,000 IU daily of Vitamin D3 (and does not feel she needs to take more or to get her Vitamin D level checked).

Would more Vitamin D intake cause too much calcium in her body?

Thanks for any advice I might be able to pass along to her -- or for her to give to her doctor.

I live in Canada and she lives in Washington State and I think there is a big difference on general knowledge of Vitamin D here than there. I am prescribed 4,000 IU/day to keep my levels where they need to me -- and I would have no qualms taking more than that.

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Vitamin D and Polymyalgia Rheumatica..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Carol,

I commend you for trying to be proactive for your sister and to help her actually Solve her pain issues instead of suffering with them. So, she doesn't believe that she needs more Vitamin D or that she needs a level?

That's interesting because all of the top researchers on vitamin d who know more about the vitamin than anyone in the world have all donated their time and money to create Grassroots Health.net in order to get the word out about Vitamin D and the need for testing. In fact, the 'Header' of the site on that link says "Testing is Necessary!".

And many of these same researchers put together the 'Disease Incidence Chart' there. If you look carefully, it shows that the diseases that are prevented or improved by vitamin d and the vitamin d levels at which these are prevented as well as the PERCENT of these diseases that could be prevented at these levels.

So, if you look at the pink line, it shows that 83% of breast cancer cases could be prevented with a level of 50 ng/ml. The yellow line shows that 66% of all fractures could be prevented with a level of 52 ng/ml.

And if you look at the chart on the first page, it shows that 2000 IU's only gets MOST people to 40 ng/ml, but your sister must be really sure that all of that strong sunshine she gets in Washington all year gets her all the extra vitamin d that she needs to get her up to the higher levels to get all the protection that she needs from those problems that MOST women worry about.

And then there is the issue of her pain. Even very mild vitamin d deficiency can lead to pain. Joint pain, body pain, etc. Oh, and your sister has both joint pain AND body pain. Could her pain be from vitamin d deficiency?

It COULD be, but she'll never know until she gets tested and gets her levels up to between 50 to 80 ng/ml. Is she even aware that vitamin d deficiency can cause pain? Even pain that's been diagnosed as other things? Well, the literature is VERY clear that the answer is a HUGE yes, yes, yes!!

If you download this page entitledVitamin D, A Neglected Analgesis, maybe if you can get your sister to read it, she'll be as convinced as I am about the need to test for vitamin d when anyone has pain and she'll take it to her doctor to then convince him?

But then again, maybe your sister is happy with the level of pain relief and breast cancer and osteoporosis protection that she has right now and doesn't want to get all of the benefits that a higher level of vitamin d might offer her.

Misdiagnosis Polymyalgia Rheumatica
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Carol,

Ran across an interesting study for your sister or her doctor. "Muscle Pain and Wasting in Osteomalacia".

The gentleman in the 'Case Study' above was misdiagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica before finally getting diagnosed with Vitamin D Deficiency.

Thought it might interest you.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

by: toadey

I am newly diagnosed within the past two months with PMR I have had low VIT D for about 4 years. I take 50.000 units twice a week of the prescription Vit D, and still my VIT D is 20.when first diagnosed my level was 8 I also have CVID and I subq Antibodies very week.my IgG levels fluctuate every 3 months.

I am starting to get infections again.Last week because I believe it or not get sick from the Flu shot,but because of my condition I agreed to have half of the shot,and within 48 hours I was really ill.I am a Insulin pump wearer,so I try as close as I can to live a Low Carb,Low Fat,med protein,Although food does not interest me,I tend to eat out of necessity,My sugars are not to bad, I am taking 16ml Medrol each morning for the PMR.

I just want to feel good,I am facing back surgery so I am trying to get body & soul in turn, and It very hard,and sometimes I just want to give up all meds and see what happens.I am not usually faint hearted I am the strong on when anything happens with my family.But I getting tired.

Getting Vitamin D levels checked
by: Anonymous

Hello...I was treated five years for osteoporosis. I had been sick every two weeks with some kind of viral infection for almost 6 months My doctor finally did a vitamin D level..mine was 19. He gave me 50,000 units a week for six weeks and my level went to 30. I needed to be at 65 with osteoporosis. I read online at Mayo Clinic to take 10,000 units a day for 6 weeks. I took the pill form, crushed it and mixed it with olive oil( fat aides absorption.) , spread it on a cracker. I did this for 6 weeks, rechecked and my levels were 55. I repeated the whole process again for 6 weeks and finally got to 65. My lupus improved as well. I get my levels checked every 6 months and keep the levels at 50-65 by taking 5000 units a day.

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