Polymyalgia Rheumatica and B12 deficiency

by Maureen
(West midlands)

I have had Polymyalgia rheumatica for last two years and have been taking prednislone steroids for this. One of the symptoms of PMR is fatigue and I am not sure if I am so tired due to the PMR or due to B12 deficiency

I have had this week my routine blood test and when I rang the drs for the results the receptionist said my MCV levels were rising and if I was concerned I should call in an make an appt with my GP - this appt is actually for next week.

I looked up MCV levels on the internet and came up with your website.

Could my fatigue be due to the steroids I am taking and should I be asking my doctors for further tests?

By the way PMR is an anti immune disease that affects inflammation in your muscles - it usually comes out of the blue with no warning and is treatable only by steroids - it can burn it self out and you can go into remission

I have slowly over the two years been decreasing my steroids from 20mg and i am now down to 6.5 mg daily

I would appreciate your help in this matter

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please read my page on mcv
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Please read my page on MCV Levels as that will tell you the most likely cause of your rising MCV levels.

Whether that is the cause of your fatigue, or any number of other problems is, unfortunately, something you will likely have to find out with more education and trial and error. There are literally hundreds of things your doctor won't test you for that might be causing your fatigue.

And most autoimmune diseases are caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome. While they may SEEM to 'come out of the blue', it's almost certain that you've had years or decades of subtle symptoms before you got a diagnosis of an auto-immune disease.

I have many pages on my site discussing the phenomenon of autoimmune disease being related to leaky gut.

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