Overall advice on improving living with tendonitis, yeast sensitvity issues

by Tom

I live in a humid, moldy climate (Baton Rouge, LA).

I have allergies (inhalants: mold, pollen dust, yeast and yeast sensitvity food allergy)in addition to psoriasis and tendonitis. When weather is humid I definitely feel the effects.

My home was bought new 6 years ago. I follow all the allergy protocols for clean interior environments (HEPA filters, windows closed, change AC filters often, house is cleaned by others frequently, no carpets, no fabrics, mattress / pillow covers, etc.

Moving may be the answer. After vacationing in Colorado for 10 days my symptoms were greatly improved.

Dietician with yeast sensitivity experience, and related medical specialists are consulted regularly. (Allergist/ENT, rheumatologist, othopedist, GP, gastroenterologist, medical research fellow immunolgist/internist/allergist, dermatologist). Other therapies include UVB treatments, ASTYM therapy for tendontis. I've had tendonitis in all major joints in the pst 2 years.

Diet has been controlled for 2.5 years. Strict no sugar, vinegar, alcohol, yeast. All natural produce, proteins mostly. Identical to your diet. Purchased your e Book yesterday. The beef bone broth is cooking as we speak (Day 2 of3)!!

I take food and inhalant allergy drops going on 1 year. I have been taking inhalant shots since 6/2008 when first diagnosed with yeast sensitivity after getting an undiagnosed yeast infection for 8 months from Asmacort (asthma preventive corticosteroid inhaler). I am at the lower sensitivity range. I hope that this sensitivity will be greatly diminished when the brewer's yeast sensitivity is overcome.

I take supplements and will tweak these per your supplements list.

I exercise - walk 30-40 minutes each day and do simple yoga stretches. I have not been able to work out with weights since late October due to ongoing tendonitis in forearms (twice in 2 years, shoulder tendonitis, and knee tendonitis. I have been weight training since I was 18 years old. I am 54.

Any other recommendations or suggestions to cover all the bases is greatly appreciated.



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Aside from Moving??
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tom,

If your quality of life is so bad living where you live and it's signifcantly better in a dryer climate, well, maybe it really is time to take the leap and move if it is at all possible. It seems like you are trapped inside of your allergy-free house- and that's not a very appealing way to live.

You didn't mention having a dehumidifier in the house. That may help too if you are not already doing that.

In lieu of moving, have you tried regular use of a dry sauna? Also, if you are still having such horrible yeast issues, then maybe you can do a candida cleanse. One of the most effective candida killers is Colloidal Nano-Silver, which I would use at high doses of about a half-ounce a day for two months.

You may also want to consider that you might have a high level of MERCURY in your body. Interestingly, candida seems to be specially attracted to mercury and they seem to 'go together like hand and glove' so to speak. If you are mercury toxic, you may need to address this before you are able to get rid of the candida.

Do you have lots of 'amalgam' fillings in your teeth (which are actually mercury)? If so, you may want to try to find a 'Biologic' or 'Holistic' dentist that can safely remove and replace your fillings with safer fillings.

If you don't have fillings, then you may want to try EITHER:

* Getting a Heavy Metal Test to see what your mercury levels are


* Adding in the Advanced Cellular Zeolite with the Nano-Silver to address the candida and mercury issues at the same time.

I like the idea of having a 'baseline' of your heavy metals to see if you really do need to address this issue, but you could also do a one month trial of the Silver/Zeolite combo in lieu of the test and if you get significant relief that first month, then you know that you are likely on the right path and can continue the combo for a few more months. Mercury is difficult to get rid of and the zeolite should be continued for 6 months to a year. Some people get such good results from zeolite that they continue it indefinitely. Silver is great to have on hand for flareups, but except in the case of Lyme Disease or other severe infections, it's usually not necessary to continue beyond a couple of months...

Kerri Knox,RN

High Mercury Levels
by: Tom Johnson


My GI tract is OK from Gi oscopies both colon and esophagus.

NO Gi tract issues. No h Pylori, No girardia.

My GI tract is actually pretty good with strict diet and supplements.

I have a high mercury level 14.6 out of 14.9 whatever units from recent blood tests. I have been eating lots of seafood all my life. My diet includes fresh water seafoos with some salt water seafood.

I have tried chlorella and zeoforce. This seems to irritate my colon. Any suggestions for moderating these symptoms? I have been using fresh cilantro daily in breakfast salads since March 2011. Any other recommendations, foods, or procedures for this? The allergy to yeast (from IGG & IGE testing is in the lower part of the moderate sensitivity range. I will do anything to get rid of this issue!!! This is my Achilles heel (hell)!!

Any high sugar foods (greater than 6-8 grams of sugar except sweet potatoes/yams) causes fungal infections at the original infection site (above my vocal chords).

Regarding probiotics_

I take Garden of Life Primal Ultra with soil organisms (awesome stuff for my issues)

Self made probitoics-

I am super allergic to milk products (cheese, yogurts). I'll note to get the other cruciferous vegetables (celery, brpcplli, cauliflour, ???) in water with salt. Put in frig for a week or so. Then eat. No vinegar.

Is apple cider vinegar alright for me? SHould I try it and keep buffered C for stopping the reaction?

Thanks a million for the help!!

Tom Johnson

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Sounds like maybe nano-silver is the choice for you. If you're already addressing mercury (have you had fillings removed, if any?), then dry saunas to give you relief from humidity and to eliminate more mercury might be of help too. But silver at high dosages may be your next step, aside from moving.

You'll just have to try apple cider vinegar to see for yourself, it can go either way for folks.

You might still want to get a pathogen test. You can get it without H pylori if you've already been tested for it, but the other stool tests are VERY inaccurate and I NEVER EVER believe that they are negative when they say they are negative. In any case, there are FAR FAR more gut bugs than just H pylori and giardia. Some are pretty nasty and can cause really horrible long term symptoms.

But maybe you just want to try the silver first. I'd start with a one ounce 'shot' all at once the first day, then do about a half an ounce a day after that.

Have you talked to your doctor about your candida? You may be a good candidate to do a few weeks on Diflucan. I don't recommend drugs very often, but it has few side effects and the 'benefit' for you may just outweigh the serious quality of life issues that you are experiencing. In any case, it's VERY effective in eliminating candida. But silver will work too, it'll just take a bit longer.

Kerri Knox, RN

mercury and Candida
by: Tom Johnson


I'll try the silver remedy and see what happens.

I have half my old metal fillings still in my mouth. The others were replaced with resin composites 6 years ago. I'll check with my dentist to replace these old fillings. Dental insurance probably covers some of this.

Diflucans (fluconazoles were frequently used in the past few years so much so that these are ineffective at keeping yeast under control since 2/2011). I have been using terbinafine (Lamasil)250 mg and 50mg buccal tabs Oravig to help keep my throat/windpipe clear of mucous since 2/2011.

Thanks a million Kerri!!


Integrative Medical Doctor for treatment
by: Tom Johnson


Given al my circumstances would an integrative medical doctor be of help fro Candida control. Mercury detox, and related issues?


Tom Johnson

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tom,

That wouldn't be a bad idea at all if you can find a good one. I do recommend Integrative Medicine Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and Anti-aging doctors as docs that might actually be able to help you out.

I tend to lean towards anti-aging doctors for Levaquin Tendonitis because of their ability to give Magnesium and Glutathione IV's, which can be really effective for LTS. But for Mercury and yeast issues primarily, any of the above would likely be able to help. Just interview them first to see if they are knowledgeable about your particular issues.

Kerri Knox, RN

Anti Aging and Integrative MD ALso New Immune Booster LIPH Solutions
by: Tom Johnson



I have maintained healthy glutathione levels with Liphsolutions.com new immune booster alkaline supplement (AWESOME IMMUNITY BOOSTING RESULTS witnessed directly by me)for 1 year with excellent results. Contact them by facebook, liphsolutions.com or phone Sandra or Emily at 432-381-6540 for specific technical Q&A. Extremely knowledgible with R&D and scientific testing results and data. This is new to the market since 10/2010. Research with Texas A&M sports medicine also.

Is there any limit to me contacting you with follow-up questions?

Bless You My RN Angel!

Tom Johnson

Naturopath, Anti Aging, Integrative Docs
by: Tom Johnson


Are there any web resources organizations to check out credentials, specialties, qualifications, recommendations for these doctors?

I'm assuming these are doctors. Do they go to western medical schools or are there separate schools. Is there a page to identify and explain the education, purpose, and normal practice categories for these docs.

I have not been to any of these type doctors.



by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Limits on questions? I don't know. I don't mind intelligent, well thought out questions, and yours have been so far. It's simple things that are already answered and/or people could easily research with a google search that frustrate me. Yours have not, and one of the reasons I have people do the questions on this open forum is so that when others have the same questions, their answers might already be there anyway. So, really, good questions benefit everyone and I don't mind.

If you REALLY want to get on my good side when you ask a question, then start a new thread with each specific topic and label it as such so that people can see what the topic is that is being discussed so that if someone has a similar question they will see (like you did initially) a thread entitled "Advice on Yeast Sensitivity Issues", etc.

Anti-aging doctors are MD's and 'anti aging' is a specialty that they get certified in, although (if my memory serves me), that specialty is not recognized by the AMA (which bothers me not in the least :) ). I believe that Integrative Medicine doctors are MD's as well, although don't quote me on that.

Naturopaths have their own extensive training and have been given the appellation of 'Naturopathic Doctor' although they are not MD's, but ND's and have differing abilities to prescribe, order blood tests, etc. depending upon the individual state they are practicing in.

As far as specific competencies, etc. I only know that anti-aging doctors seem to use IV's extensively. I believe that other types of doctors in 'Integrative' practices CAN use them, but whether they do or not differs depending upon the individual doctor.

I really know of no resource to check their competencies, credentials, etc. You'd just have to find docs close to you and call them to ask. Tedious, maybe, but with 'Alternative Medicine' being such a broad subject with no 'standard' treatments or ways of doing things, that is the best that I know of to do at the moment.

Kerri Knox, RN

More on Candida and Mercury
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

This came in my email box today through one of the alternative health care practitioner forums that I belong to, and I thought that I'd share, especially since her approach confirms using the silver and Zeolite that I had recommended to you:

The Safest and Most Effective Solution for the Candidiasis and Mercury Cycle
by Lyn Hanshew, M.D.

One of the most difficult organisms to diagnose and successfully treat is
Candida albicans. C. albicans is a yeast that is considered part of the
normal flora of the alimentary canal and is also, commonly found in the
genitourinary system. By six months of age, 90% of infants test positive for
Candida and almost all adults test positive. C. albicans is an opportunistic
organism and exists in a competitive environment with other organisms to control
its growth. This equilibrium in the gut and genitourinary tract can be
disrupted by changes in the pH, high levels of simple sugars, hormone imbalance,
antibiotic exposure that alters the make-up and quantity of the flora
constituents and suppression of the immune system by toxins and drugs such as
steroids. If this happens, overgrowth of Candida can occur and this organism
can burrow through the walls of the intestine, enter the blood stream and make
its way throughout the body.

Candidemia and disseminated candidiasis are the most common causes of morbidity
and mortality in hospitalized patients, especially in the ICU. A predisposed
host is one who is on broad spectrum antibiotics, immunosuppressive drugs,
parenteral nutrition and central venous catheters. Data was extracted from the
Prospective Antifungal Therapy Alliance database and demonstrated the incidence
of candidemia caused by C.albicans was 45.6% and 54.4% was caused by non- C.
albicans species. The overall crude 12 week mortality was 35.2%. There are no
pathognomonic signs or symptoms (Horn DL et al. 2009). The clinical clues are
fever of unknown origin or signs of severe sepsis while on antibiotics, and
multiple, non-tender, nodular erythematous cutaneous lesions. The evaluation of
new antifungal agents and the precise role of prophylactic therapy are needed.
(Singhi S. 2009, Perltroth J, et al 2007)

Due to the ubiquitous presence of Candida, diagnostic testing is of little help.
There are a variety of tests that practitioners use to diagnose yeast
overgrowth, that may include stool tests, blood tests, live blood cell tests,
etc., but none of these tests are reliable. They may or may not detect an
infection of Candidiasis. (Pappas PG 2004)

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Therefore, practitioners often diagnose and individuals often self-diagnose
based upon ambulatory versus hospitalized status and a list of common symptoms
associated with the gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems, immune,
endocrine and the neurological system, including mental and emotional symptoms.
This list includes: thrush, indigestion, acid reflux, abdominal gas and
bloating, diarrhea, constipation, rectal itching, vaginitis headaches,
migraines, excessive fatigue, inability to think clearly or concentrate, poor
memory, hyperactivity, mood swings cravings for alcohol or sweets, anxiety,
depression, irritability, dizziness, itching, acne, eczema, athlete’s foot,
sinus inflammation, persistent cough, sore throat, earache, pre-menstrual
syndrome, low sex drive, muscle weakness, sensitivity to fragrances and/or other
chemicals and chronic pain. (Crook W 1983, 2005) This wide-ranging list is
significant and indicative of the toxicity associated with Candida.

A successful treatment strategy includes killing the organism and correcting the
underlying causes for Candida overgrowth and dissemination. Pharmaceutical
anti-fungals agents can be grouped into three classes based on their site of
action: azoles which inhibit the synthesis of ergosterol, a major constituent
of the fungal cell membrane, are considered fungistatic; polyenes also interact
with ergosterol and cause membrane leakage resulting in cell death and
5-fluorocytosine inhibits protein synthesis.

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Nystatin is a polyene, oral anti-fungal used primarily for the treatment of oral
candidiasis. It is not absorbed out of the gut and has few mild
gastrointestinal side effects.

Amphotericin B is a fungicidal polyene administered intravenously, which
commonly can cause serious multi-organ damage and result in death. It is not
frequently used since the development of the azole class of agents. This class
has less side effects, ranging from mild nausea, vomiting and diarrhea,
headache, dizziness and skin rash to severe blistering, bruising, jaundice and
seizures. Side-effects for 5-fluorocytosine include bone marrow suppression,
gastrointestinal, liver, kidney and central nervous system toxicity. Efficacy
and safety issues and development of resistance limits the usefulness of all of
these agents.

Historically, non-pharmaceutical approaches to killing or limiting the growth of
Candida have not been well-researched. Thai and Ignacio (2005) demonstrated
that grape seed extract had comparable fungistatic activity to Miconazole in
suppressing C. albicans growth. They found that tea tree oil, probiotic
supernatant and garlic showed no decrease in growth rates of C. albicans.

The good news is there is now a safe and effective natural solution for the
serious issue of candidiasis. The average person in the US has between 400-800
potentially toxic, immunosuppressive, carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, and
gene-damaging chemicals stored his cells and is therefore at risk for
candidiasis. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, pesticides, insecticides, dioxins,
furans, phthalates, VOCs, and PCBs are just some of the foreign substances that
have created an excessive toxic body burden of harmful chemicals.

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Of all the toxins, mercury is the most destructive to the neurological, immune
and endocrine systems. It is a deadly mutagen causing DNA damage. Mercury
contributes to or causes many illnesses including autism, autoimmune diseases,
Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, heart disease, endocrine problems, and
neurological and behavioral disorders. Murray and Kidby (1975) demonstrated
that Mercury is incorporated into the cell wall of yeast. This is the key to
the toxic effects of candidiasis and the basis of the Herxheimer reaction.
Mercury being released from dying cells is extremely toxic to surrounding
tissues. The list of symptoms associated with candidiasis is the same list of
symptoms associated with mercury toxicity. It is impossible to cure candida
overgrowth without removing the toxic burden of mercury.

Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, health practitioners used colloidal
silver to safely and effective treat infections. In 1914 the medical journal
Lancet reported phenomenal results from silver use stating it to be absolutely
harmless, non-toxic to humans, and highly germicidal. In 1929, over 5 million
prescriptions for silver-based products were issued in the United States alone.
In fact, colloidal silver has been proven useful against all species of fungi,
parasites, bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Even to this day, properly
formulated colloidal silver is still one of the most effective, safe,
antimicrobials known to man with no risk of resistance developing.

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

To effectively reduce toxic body burden of harmful toxins and infections,
Results RNA® has created Total Body Detox® composed of two revolutionary
intra-oral spray formulas, Advanced Cellular Silver
and Advanced Cellular Zeoliteto effectively and
safely kill pathogens and remove toxic body burden.

Advanced Cellular Silver represents a major advancement in medical-use silver
technology and excels in both safety and efficacy. ACS 200® Extra Strength
demonstrates a much broader pathogen kill spectrum than traditional prescription
antibiotics, antifungal, or antiviral preparations. Far more advanced in both
safety and efficacy than traditional colloidal silver, Advanced Cellular Silver
is a 200 ppm (parts per million) silver that has been proven capable of rapidly
killing an enormous array of disease-causing organisms, literally oxidizing the
cell wall of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as viruses,
fungi, parasites and spirochetes. Independent studies of Advanced Cellular Silver demonstrate
“complete kill” against Candida in less than 3 minutes. An FDA protocol oral
toxicity independent study was conducted by Pacific BioLabs in Hercules, CA.
Using mega doses of Advanced Cellular Silver, there were no toxic signs observed throughout the

Now that the Candida organisms are dead, how do we address the mercury that has
been released? ACZ nano® Extra Strength is a zeolite product that has many
significant qualities which make it a superior choice over other detoxification
or chelation methods, including other zeolite-based products. In urine challenge
studies, ACZ nano®Extra Strength has been independently proven to increase
urinary output of mercury, lead and other toxic metals by several thousand
percent. It is interesting to note that extremely toxic mercury levels were
recorded in the urine of patients while taking ACZ nano® Extra Strength who had
undetectable mercury levels in their baseline urine.

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

These results show just how difficult it is for the body to remove mercury and
other toxins without an effective chelator present. Traditional chelating agents
have significant limitations in safely removing mercury, lead, cadmium and
arsenic. One drawback is that agents such EDTA have high affinity for essential
nutrient minerals such as calcium and remove them simultaneously with toxins. If
not carefully monitored, this removal of calcium can be quite dangerous and can
cause rapid muscle weakness and potentially heart damage. With a weak bond,
these chelating agents can “pull” out mercury from the tissues and then “drop”
mercury into the bloodstream where it can redeposit in the brain or other vital
organs. If this happens the patient’s condition is likely to worsen. ACZ nano®
Extra Strength irreversibly binds toxins and safely removes them through the
urinary tract. This prevents Herxheimer reactions and prevents mercury from
being recycled into other Candida cells.

About the Author
Dr. Hanshew practiced medicine in the Seattle area for 15 years. She achieved
Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Bariatric Medicine. She also has
specialized training in Anti-Aging Medicine, Natural Hormone Replacement and
Environmental Toxicity issues relating to the exponential rise in the incidence
and successful treatment of Lyme disease, Autism, Fibromyalgia, ADD, Chronic
Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Anxiety, Depression and Cancer.

ACZ Nanostrength Rx? Integrative Doctor & Food Allergy Recovery
by: Tom Johnson


Thanks for all of the excellent - dead on to my issues - data.

I have an appt with integrative MD Dr Stephanie Cave in Baton Rouge on 2/28/2012 (25 years experience). I absolutely am getting as healthy as possible before this meeting to start treament.

I am taking Candex (day 9) along with your supplements recommended for tendonitis. After 8 days my tendon attachment pains and joint aches are almost entirely gone!!! I'm using the Supplements with Cili Water of Life and Cili Magnesium (2x's a day) and Ancient Mineral Magnesium Gel (3-4 times a day). Should I be taking the ACZ Nano strength or any other mercury cleanse supplements with this to get the mercury out? Is this over the counter? Is there a website I have Zeoforce clays and chlorella but these cause colon irritation. My count is 14.6 ug/l. 14.9 ug/l is the upper limit of normal mercury. This is due to organic seafood consumption. Any other recommendations to precipitate out the mercury is appreciated.

The B12 is awesome along with the other recommended supplements. Additional supplements include L glutamine in unsweetened coconut milk to seal gut, MSM for increased absorption of food and supplement nutrients, and W enzymes before each meal. There is some stomach discomfort but only after eating. Otherwise holding steady. Any advice or tweaks needed here?

Another challenge:

Recently I reacted to cashews (after eating daily for 2 weeks) by reaction of blister type psoriasis on the palms of my hands, around the edges of my feet, and scalp psoriasis. I have been using other supplements previously discussed including immune booster LipHsolutions.com and allergy drops including yeast. The psoriatic blisters are flaking away with no inflammation/redness. Treating blisters with virgin coconut oil during first 2-3 days, now cortisone cream where needed (hands get irritated with water, normal activity and winter drying). Also applying Cerave cream to keep the palms and feet moisturized. Wonderful in progress healing results.

Since stopping the cashew consumption 5 days ago the yeast started to retaliate and yeast infection at original site (4 years ago with inhaled corticosteroid) started flowing above my voicebox and getting me foggy brained. The Diflucanazoles are not effective (after frequent use since 2/2011), so I have been using terbinafine 250 mg 1 time a day. This is day 4 and symptoms are greatly diminished (barely detectable in throat). The weather is cooler and dryer with an extra helpful benefit. How long should I take this antifungal (an extra Rx due to my on the road living). I have enough for 1 a day until the 28th.

Any other thoughts to get me healthier are greatly appreciated.


Tom Johnson

Complex questions
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tom,

These are complex questions and one question that I can never answer is what you 'should' be doing. Having said that, mercury could certainly be part of the problem for you since your levels are on the upper side of normal, and if you do choose to try the Zeolite and Silver, they are here:

Advanced Cellular Silver


Advanced Cellular Zeolite.

Anytime that you see a blue underlined link anywhere on the internet, it means that you can click on it and get more information about the phrase or word in the underlined link.

Cashews: Do be careful with nuts, many of them are old and have mold on them. Peanuts and peanut butter are a no-no since even most fresh peanuts contain a toxic mold called Aflatoxin which they use in animal experimentation to cause cancer! Yipes!

I'm in Belize right now, which is one of the world's top cashew producers, so I should be able to get them quite fresh, but even here they look old and have spots of mold on them- probably from the warm and humid climate.

Almonds don't seem to have this problem, but you'll obviously avoid cashews in the future. If you like nut butters, try to find those health food stores that have the nut grinders so you can see what quality the nuts are in that they are making into your nut butter.

The Methylcobalin B12 is also a helpful heavy metal detox, so you've got that going for you.

As far as the antifungal, I'd just take it until it's gone. May as well get the full advantage of it, especially since it's helping you.

Kerri Knox, RN

Follow-up Yeast Mercury Issues
by: Tom Johnson


I'm going to an integrative MD tomorrow!! I'll keep you posted on the progress.

By following your e-book "The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution" for 2 weeks my joint pain is nearly gone!! I can walk for 30 minutes at a time every other day without any ill effects. Thank you my Queen!!!

Is there a flavor free B12 (the type you recommend). I react to all these sweeteners. Even stevia!!

Is there a complete calcium liquid you recommend? The Solanova liquid I have found has corn oil. I may react to this. I am highly allergic to all dairy.

Natural beef and bison femurs are all I can find from Whole Foods. The difference from organic farms is that the natural farms need to apply for ten years to get organic approval. These are still great!!! Call your local butcher market and establish a relationship. Express your gratitude and the good their help is doing to restore your health. Old school friendships also help me with connecting to people who are in my daily life.

My local meat market is Whole Foods. I talk to the Meat Market Supervisor. You can request these femurs if they are not in stock. I figure I use about 25 pounds of beef/bison femurs a month (bison comes in 25 pound orders). I call my local Whole Foods Meat Dept Supervisor to get the bones delivered as needed.

The ACZ nano and ACS Silver as recommended are also helping tremendously. I have been using these for only 4 days and feel better. The yeast is under control and maybe the mercury is on it's way out as well.

I'll keep you posted on the Dr. meetings if this is alright. I think this coudl help readers get an idea of the treatments involved.

I cannot thank you enough for being out there in the medical electronic ether !!!!

Tom Johnson

Update to LTS and Integrative Doctor Visit
by: Tom Johnson


Thanks again for all the excellent advice and info. You give hope to so many suffering due to lack of attention from traditional medicine and the 40 patient a day per doctor business model.

Started using Results RNA ACS 200 Extra Strength Advanced Cellular Silver and with in a week the symptoms had disappeared.

The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution ebook supplements and foods have been working their magic after about 5 weeks. After dealing with tendonitis in all major joints in the past 20 months, my joints are recovering nicely. I would like to add that my joints were loose because of the 10 weeks tendon tightness previous to finding your book. I started taking Glucosamine, Chondrotin, and MSM yesterday and within a few hours my joints and tendons had significantly reduced popping. This morning the loose joints are real stable and feel great.

I saw the integrative doctor, Dr. Stephanie Cave, MD,in Baton Rouge, LA on 2/23/12. A biochemist, MD in family practice, treats children with autism, and practices integrative medicine since 1987, Dr Cave, has given me reassurance that my mercury/yeast issues can be addressed. I am no longer the crazy patient in the room, like when talking with traditional doctors. She understood my problems and in fact quickly ran through typical associated ailments - most were on my issues list to review with the good doctor. She added additional supplements (many coincidental with LTS supplements) including digestive enzymes Betaine HCL, S acetyl glutathione, and proprietary supplement blends based upon biofeedback tests. I brought in all of my records from the past 10 years (Best Doctor's Plan is part of my healthcare program- assisted in this and kept my costs for records to a minimum). I discussed several records of allergy tests, mercury blood level tests, and MedCO prescription history to back up what I thought were my issues. That day I had my first chelation IV with minerals and vitamins. Not pleasant for a couple of days after, but I am functioning much better and can take high humidity and have fewer yeast issues. An AMAZING start on the road to recovery. There are 3 other tests that will complete the testing. In all there were about 8 blood tests, 2 urine samples, 3 stool tests, a breathing test, and biofeedback tests. These tests include pathogens, intestinal permeability, metals, chemicals, blood count, bacterial overgrowth, and many others. My follow-up appointmnet to discuss results and therapies is early next month.

I'll keep you posted.

Change your attitude, change your routine, and act to get help. There is help, but if it's not working consider other alternatives that are still in the medical field .....just different than traditional medicine.

Continued Health , Happiness, and Success


How about Pumpkin Seeds and Walnuts
by: Tom Johnson


Earlier I mentioned the psoriatic blisters/ skin peeling at my hand palms and on my feet & toes when I started eating the cashews. These do not burn just peel mostly. I discontinued the cashews on 2/16/12. My palms of hands have discontinued peeling but my feet/toes continue to peel. I guess the skin at the feet is thicker and sheds more skin for a longer period of time. I am using equal parts tea tree oil and olive oil and this appears to minimize some of the peeling.

Earlier you mentioned Almonds as a better nut regarding molds and fungi than cashews. I am allergic to almonds from constant use over the years. My integrative doctor recommends I eat4mytype.com diet per blood type O. Walnuts and pumpkin seeds are on this diet. Are these better sources for fats and contain less mold/fungi? I buy raw and roast these at 350 Def F for about 5-10 minutes. Should I wash these and do any other cleaning before roasting to minimize mold and fungi? How long should I keep these once roasted? I store these in the frig.

Thanks again

Tom Johnson

Pumpkin Seeds and Walnuts
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tom,

I have no idea about pumpkin seeds and walnuts. It would likely simply depend upon how fresh they are and how they are processed. You could easily make your own pumpkin seeds to ensure they are fresh. But buying them direct from the farmer is likely the only way to know for sure if they are fresh and not moldy. Otherwise, you'll just have to take your chances or avoid them. I would 'think' that walnuts might have a higher chance of mold since they have all of those cracks and crevices for mold to hide in.

Also, I just got an article about Ozone therapy as being effective for yeast issues. I don't know ANYTHING about it, nor do I know how it works or who does it (except the doctor here in California who was saying how effective it is). So, you'll just have to Google it and do some research on your own to see if it might be of interest to you.

Kerri Knox, RN

Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts psoriasis, trace minerals for LT
by: Tom Johnson


I have been eating pumpkin seeds and walnuts for a couple of weeks and have no ill effects or psoriatic blisters on palms of hands and feet. I buy them raw then roast them 5-10 minutes at 350 Deg F.

Turns out cashews (produced psoriatic blisters on hand and feet after eating for several week) are related to poison ivy (Allergy for me). After I stoppped eating these 2/16/12 I have recovered from the blisters completely on my hands and some peeling still on my feet 3/21/12. To keep infections & fungi away I use tea tree oil and olive oil 1:1.

For Levaquin tendonitis recovery: Is there any problem using Cili Minerals for trace minerals? The metals in this liquid include Antimony, Beryllium, Copper, Lanthanum, Nickel, Rhenium, Silver, Tantalum, Tellurium, Thallium. Liquid Cili minerals - 1 dose per day at 4000 ppm in reverse osmosis water was taken from 2/4/12-/22/12. Should I use another source for trace minerals? If so, any recommendations?



I don't know
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tom,

I know of no advantage of one trace mineral brand over any other. I am not familiar with 'Cili Trace Minerals' so I really can't give you an opinion one way or another.

Kerri Knox, RN

Integrative Doctor Follow-Up Test Results
by: Tom Johnson


Met with Dr Cave, MD last week for test results follow-up to my mercury yeast sensitivity issues. Everything is normal in general except the following: some bad gut bacteria, high mercury (from 3 metal fillings removed 5 years ago without dental dams/oxygen and eating lots of seafood esp. canned tuna), aresenic (eat lots of chicken not organincally grown- aresenic is fed to chickens to increase their appetite!!) and lead (paint, Grecian Formula for hair - lead acetate). Some essential minerals are also low.

Treatments and other changes include:
Chelation treatments with CA etda weekly for a total of 15 times. Every third IV is supplemented with vitamin and mineral IV.

Berberine with GI tract protection coating for 2 weeks twice day for turistas type bacteria.

Continue taking supplements to get GI tract and immune system back on track for several months. There is a lot of overlap with LTS supplements and GI tract supplements. Supplements include OncoMAR (wheat germ for T1 & T2 cell rebalancing - lots of bacterial and fungal infections create overactive T2), GI detox powder, chlorella or chitosan, S Acetyl Glutathione, 25 billion count multiple bacteria probiotic, B-6, B-12, lipoic acid, L acetyl carnitine, multi vitamin with minerals, D3, folate, zinc, selenium. I also take with each meal - betaine hydrochloride, Ca-K-Mg (trisalts), glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM, buffered C, and fish oil tabs.

Bioset therapy (pressure points) for mercury sensitvity and food allergies. After 4.5 years of a diet of 30 foods I have a lot of food sensitivities. Especially milk, cheeses, eggs, chickem beef, and produce. My first session is tomorrow. This may take several sessions due to many sensitvities.

Dietary food sources are all organic for chicken, eggs, beef, and produce to minimize the effects of anitbiotics, hormones, and arsenic. Any other recommendations for other food sources is appreciated.

Many other healthy food choices since having my fouth chelation therapy. Beans, fresh fruit and vegetables with higher than 7-9 grams of sugar per serving are possible since mercury levels have dropped and consequently yeast overgrowth/yeast sensivity has been reduced. Still follow eatright4yourtype.com diet for assisting recovery of my compromised iummune system.
As always a million thanks Kerri!!

Tom Johnson

Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Results -2 Month Update
by: Tom Johnson


An update to my extensive tendonitis issues (all major joints due to frequent bacterial and fungal infections brought on by high mercury and yeast sensitivity) and results with your excellent ebook.

It has been 2 months and my joints are recovering markedly. Although I still have a ways to go - there are still some loose tendons and pain, no doubt due to CA edta cheleation treatments as well, I continue to improve. The chelation is for mercury, aresenic, and lead detox mentioned in my previous post this am.

Last week I added hyaluronic acid 20 mg twice a day while having your bone soup to assist my body with collagen protection and joint recovery. By the third day I noticed my joints were substantially tighter/stable with less tendon popping and pain. Should I increase the dosage of hyaluronic acid while eating the bone soup? What is an acceptable safe dosage? Are ther any other supllements that could be helpful not currently in your LTS supplements list?

I continue to walk 30 minutes a day, rest at least 7 hours a night, eat and take all supplements on a strict schedule, and NOT IMPOSE ANY MORE STRESS ON MY BODY due to work, family, etc. Stress is a trigger that really can set you back!!!

Thanks a million for your help Kerri!!

Tom Johnson

Integrative Doctor Followup with Bioset Testing - Tendonitis is the Tip of the Iceberg of Health Issues
by: Tom Johnson



I suffer from tendonitis in all major joints and have been going to an integrative doctor, Dr Stephanie Cave, MD in Baton Rouge, LA for about 7 weeks. While I have been using your ebook complete with supplments and foods with success for over 2 months its turn out that there is a lot more systemic lymphatic system inflamation going on. Turns out tendonitis is a symptom of a larger problem- lymphatic system inflammation in my case. Also have yeast sensitivity with high mercury levels.

From previous testing Dr Cave has found high levels of mercury (sources - seafood & metal fillings replaced without dental dams), arsenic (added to chicken & beef feeds to increase appetite in animals), lead (from produce from Mexico and hair products- Grecian formula), and cadmium (paints - house flipper in the 90's). Also found were some harmful bacteria. Some ralted vitamin deficiencies. Otherwise all other tests were negative.

This week Dr Cave had further Bioset filter testing and reprogramming for other sensitivities. Bioset is a type of gentle accupressure (in my case using electronic stimulation and body feedback) to identify and release/reprogram body allergy and other types of sensitivities. My sensitivites included dietary (proteins, amino acids, sugars, fruits), chemicals (work in industrial enviroments and live in areas with lots of indusstries), pathogens (bacteria & virus), emotional stress (childhood trauma -fear), structural stress (muscle, skeletal, spine, tendonitis), neural stress, endocrine stress (kidneys, liver), and excretory organ stress (GI tract). After reprogramming these issues there were sublingual drops (detox, kidney drain, fear release) issued to be taken 3 times a day to start detox. 2 hours after the first dose I went through an hour of fever, back/kidney pain, and emotional anxiety, then my body went calm and felt sleepy (detox). The next day I felt much better and have a new respect for integrative techniques.

Diet controls and slow introduction of foods I have been sensitive to (I was using allergy drops and shots for nearly 3.5 years up until a few days ago) still need to be followed with 2 week check ups for the bioset check ups and related inflammation follow-up. Other recommendations as follows: green produce ingested through juicing was advised for nutrient dense foods, lymphatic masssages, dry brushing once a day, epsom salt baths, walking, light execrise, and plenty of pure water. Already my diet has expanded greatly prio to Bioset since late February (with chelation and supplements). Metals released allow me to have higher sugar fruits and vegetables without yeast infections!!

A MILLION THANKS for giving a platform for sharing healthy alternative treatments!!!

Tom Johnson

Integrative Doctor- Followup .. Tendonitis Tip of the Iceberg of Issues
by: Tom Johnson



Continued from previous comments....

Heavy metals therapy includes chelation IV and vitamin/mineral IVs, supplements, and other items mentioned above.

I also met an internist medical doctor who was observing my Bioset treatment for helping with his conversion from traditional internal medicine to integrative medicine. It seems this doctor had issues that traditional medicine could not address 6 months ago. He was completely convinced that integrative medicine diagnosed, treated, and healed his issues. After explaining my issues he told me that integrative medicine is the only way my issues would be addressed and properly treated. Food sensitivities, heavy metals, and related system inflammation are NOT recognized by traditional medicine.

After 7 weeks of treatment my health, stamina, confidence, and joy for living life are coming back. Turns out my T2 cells were over reactive and causing internal false alarms. There is a supplement for treating this condition also. Integrative medicine - individualized testing, treatment, and follow-up are working. Integrative medicine is not fast, cheap, or easy. But it can get to the root of your problems and be used to undo/heal medical issues that have taken a lifetime (54 years)to get to the breaking point. This type of medicine treats at the molecular level and identifies issues quickly and noninvasively - traditional medicine failed miserably at detecting and diagnosing any of my issues!!! I visited 9 specialists in 10 months and all of them came up with ZIP!!!

If you are having trouble - DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! If you are not getting results FIRE those folks and get with someone who can help you!! I fired 9 specialists in 10 months and I'm glad I did!! My lucky numbers are 10 & 11. # 10 is Kerri Knox RN with her ebook on tendonitis and #11 is Dr Stephanie Cave.

A MILLION THANKS for giving a platform for sharing healthy alternative treatments!!!

Tom Johnson

Great Tom
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

That's great Tom,

Sounds like you are really getting some resolution for your health problems. The only thing that I thought that I might add is to look into and ask your doctor about adding Glutamine to your regimen. With so many food allergies/sensitivities, you almost certainly have leaky gut syndrome and glutamine can help to heal leaky gut syndrome.

Otherwise it sounds like you are doing GREAT and really getting somewhere. Congratulations. Keep up the good work and keep in touch with your progress.

Kerri Knox, RN

Follow-up Integrative Doctor meeting #2
by: Tom Johnson


Good catch!!

I neglected to say I have been taking S Acetyl Glutathione and L-glutamine since the first appt with Dr Cave. The last 5 weeks I have been using a Detox mix with glutamine called Opticleanse GHI from Xymogen. Actually I have taken glutamine for quite a while even before seeing Dr Cave thanks to great input from Naturopath Gurus.

The test results do not show leaky gut. The test performed was a Genovia Labs Intestinal Permeability. There are also no other genetic mutations regarding glutathione production. This may be the reason I'm recovering so well.

I had my fifth chelation treatment today and will have a lympathic massage tomorrow. The weather has been humid (mold sensitivity) and usually I am uncomfortable at his time (breathing and asthma). After chelation today I feel better even though the barometric pressure is changing and 70% rain is predicted today! Is there a reason for this? Drink lots of water - around 85 ounces a day.

A Bioset follow-up appointment is 4/26 next week to check on reprogrammed sensitivities and do additional sensitivities to inflammation, tendonitis, and key stressors. 50 deep breaths a day; herbal mix drops 3 times a day for emotional fear, kidney drain, and detox; dry brushing for lymphatic stimulation, and rolling my back along a hard foam roller keep the Bioset reprogramming active.

Diet is restricted to minimize any further food stress- NO glutein, white foods, processed foods, fast foods, sugars/fake sugars, grains, GMO's (contain pesticides and fertilizers in modified DNA), seafood and minimal preservatives none if possible. All organic diet is based on eatright4yourtype.com. Eat foods per your blood type. Most of these foods are already in my diet and explains why I don't like other foods as well! They are NOT healthy for my blood type.

Do you know of any whey protein powders that do not have added sugars or sugar subsitutes including sucralose? It's really a challenge eating clean!!

Always a Million Thanks Kerri!!!

Tom Johnson

Sounds awesome!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Sounds like you are coming along really nicely. Yes, it's hard to eat really clean, but once you get into the habit, it becomes much easier because you've already researched all the labels, you know what you like, etc.

As far as protein powders, I only recommend one or two. The first is Defense Nutrition's Organic Warrior Whey. The only ingredients are organic whey from grass fed cows and lecithin. They also have some chocolate whey nuggets made from all organic ingredients and no preservatives, etc. that I've been wanting to try. You can find those on the same page under products as well.

The other one is Synergtic Nutrition's Organic Grass Fed Whey which only has organic whey and organic vanilla bean. They also have a trace mineral supplement, since you were asking about that earlier. It's called Mineral Magic and it's under their 'product' list.

Kerri Knox, RN

Follow-up Tendonitis and Bioset Treatments Part 1 of 2
by: Tom Johnson

New Update 4/26/12


Thanks will check out the protein powders and minerals ASAP.

My tendonitis in all my major joints (since October 2011). Started your therapy via LTS e-book on 2/6/12) is rapidly becoming a distant memory!!! The bone soup and supplements are working miracles!!! Week 10 - I have to be careful not to do too much with my newly stable, pain free joints. I am looking forward to new events in life instead of all the living in the moment and constant attention my joints have needed in the past. I can now do light yardwork and light housekeeping without pain!!! My advice to all folks suffering with LTS- stick to a clean organic diet, supplements, Epsom baths, magnesium gels, Angstrom Magnesium supplement, magnesium rich foods (pumpkin seeds!!) at consistent intervals throughout the day. The better adherence the faster the revcovery!!! Discover the healing properties of organic nutrient dense foods and supplements. Search on the internet.

Bioset therapy, Chinese accupressure reinterpreted into electronic fingerprints for foods, chemicals, pathogens, and other stressors sensed through the nervous system by the brain. This allows for computer usage with miniscule electrical current for quick and effective diagnosis and reprogramming sensitivities to normal levels. This is non invasive, quick, and from my little experience (2 weeks) extremely effective. Currently grass pollen and mold pollen is high. This shows up on my body’s sensitivities. My follow-up Bioset appointment (2 weeks after the initial appointment) yielded normal sensitivity results to previously tested substances except for the following. Hypersensitvity to pollens, molds and fungus (all my life- using allergy drops/shots since 6/2008 and I live in Baton Rouge, LA); pesticides; mycoplasma; parasites; mycotoxins; herbicides; salt; metals (tin); minerals (slightly over due to all the supplements taken since 2/6/12). Also hyposensitvity to Selenium. I follow up with Bioset every 2 weeks until the sensitivities are maintained/managed in normal range. Any suggestions for combating these issues is greatly appreciated. Evidently I need to clean organic foods better. Is there a fast overnight soak without alcohols and cleaners that ends the bad bug contamination in my diet?

I feel so much better in the past 2 weeks!! My body’s toxic system inflammation bucket is finally unloading heavy metals, antibiotics, food & chemical sensitivities, and pathogens after week 8 with a combination of chelation, supplements, restricted diet, eliminating as much stress as possible from your life, Epsom salt baths, Bioset treatments, lymphatic massages !! The Bioset treatments are 1 hour and give me updates to my sensitivities that allow me to tweak my therapies (change or reduce supplements for vitamin & mineral balances, diet – for lymphatic system help.

A Billion Thanks Kerri!!


Follow-up Tendonitis and Bioset Treatments Part 2 of 2
by: Tom Johnson

New Update 4/26/12


I feel so much better in the past 2 weeks!! My body’s toxic system inflammation bucket is finally unloading heavy metals, antibiotics, food & chemical sensitivities, and pathogens after week 10 with a combination of chelation, supplements, restricted diet, eliminating as much stress as possible from your life, Epsom salt baths, Bioset treatments, lymphatic massages !! The Bioset treatments are 1 hour and give me updates to my sensitivities that allow me to tweak my therapies (change or reduce supplements for vitamin & mineral balances, diet – for lymphatic system help.

Based upon the latest lymphatic massage and Bioset results diet and vitamins are adjusted as follows. Also adding onions, garlic, and ginger sautéed in extra virgin olive oil to assist in lymphatic system recovery. Doubling up on Selenium (from yeast) to 400 mcg per day. I drink 85 ounces of water (not chlorinated or fluoridated) with minerals a day!!!

Current therapies include daily epsom salt baths, dry brushing for lymph system (light strokes across skin toward the heart with a wisk broom), lymphatic massage 1 time a week, 30 minute walks 3 times a week, light exercise 3 times a week, restricted diet no grains, processed foods, sugars, flours, all organic produce and meats. I am also adding juicing with Juicing for Life book by Cherie Calbom. Any recommendations for decent juicers or smoothie machines?

Still have somewhat soft stools with all the detox (chelation and turistas bacterial infection). Taking Berberine with GI protect solution. The GI Protect sloughs off bacteria then I take the Berberine to kill the bacteria. 3 times a day between meals. The onion and garlic sautée are excellent for maintaining the GI tract clean of pathogens as well and also great for Crohn’s Disease sufferers. Any other recommendations for recovery to normal stools? Maybe too much magnesium orally?

Like everyone I am a work in progress. But small step by small step I am getting better. I FEEL BETTER because I have more stamina, more thought continuity with daily tasks, a better outlook on life, almost NO PAIN, and as a result of this progress I am tweaking my therapies to assist recovery of other inflammatory issues I never knew existed!!!!

A Billion Thanks Kerri!!


Mucous Flows in Throat Started Today and interaction with chronic tendonitis
by: Tom Johnson


I am starting month 4 on the LTS supplements and bone soup. I am feeling great. I moved a heavy table 2 days ago and am paying the price. But otherwise I am feeling great and the muscle popping and loose joints are tightening up nicely. I went all organic foods about 5 weeks ago. This greatly reduced my joint pain and has sped healing.

After 2" of rain yesterday and hot muggy weather (92 Deg F high with 60-70 % relative humidity) predicted for the next week or so mold and fungi are high due to this weather. I am sensitive and allergic to these. And this weather causes yeast flows above my voice box. The yeast flows started this morning.

Background: The original source of my cortisone caused yeast infection is above my vocal chords in 10/2007. Since this time I have had issues with yeast infections at my throat during hot muggy weather. I am trying to avoid any anti-biotic and anti-fungal but may have to use some oral buccal pills (Oravig 50 mg per day- miconazole antifungal) that slowly dissolves in mouth and drain down throat. These control my throat mucous well. I may need to take these soon.

What I am concerned about is the resulting mineral, nutrient drain from my body as a result. If I use Oravig or Lamisil (terbinafine 250 mg twice a day) due to fungal infections should I anticipate a set back with the same mineral effects as from antibiotics?

Also I am combating the turistas (Diarrhea bacterial infection - citrobacter amalonaticus and proteus mirabilis). Dr Cave has tried Berberine herb from Metagenics CandiBactin Br Oregon grape 70 mg 3 times day then most recently CanditBactin -AR oregano & red thyme oil 75 mg 3 times a day with GI protect to slough off slime layer and expose the4 bacteria first then use herb to kill bacteria). No luck with Berberine after 3 weeks. There is some progress with oregano red thyme. I am also eating onions and garlic sautéed in olive oil once a day for it's antibacterial effects. This also seems to help. Any other suggestions for getting rid of these bacteria? This is the 6th week fighting this stuff. I got it from 3 day limit diet for other diagnostic tests.

My alternative is to use the 500mg ciprofloxacin tabs twice a day for 7 days. If I do this should I continue with chelation therapy in your opinion. I use Ancient minerals magnesium gel, Epsom salt baths 4 cups per bath, weekly lymphatic massages, daily deep breathing exercises, and daily walks

A Million Thanks Kerri

I'm not convinced
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tom,

Have you gone insane!? Don't even CONSIDER taking that Cipro under ANY circumstance except for impending death when nothing else will work. It's a Fluoroquinolone! Did your doctor give you a prescription for that? Does he know how you got to where you are? If he knows that you are suffering from Quinolone toxicity and he gave you Cipro, he should be SHOT! Yipes!!

You need to make sure that it says on EVERY record at every doctor's office that you are deathly ALLERGIC (I know it's not an allergy, but saying that you are 'allergic' is how you get them to not give you a drug) to all Quinolone and Fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

OK, on to the diarrhea. I'm not convinced that you NEED to be treated for Proteus or Citrobacter. The lab that I uses calls those 'normal flora' and don't treat them at all. We have all kinds of 'normal flora' in our gut. Even Staph Aureus and E Coli are just normal flora. You may have something else and/or your body is getting rid of toxins or one of your supplements is causing the diarrhea.

While the antiparasitic stuff is a good idea in general anyway once in a while (we all get minor parasites and it doesn't hurt to do a good cleanse once in a while, and many of the herbs that you're taking are good against candida as well), but if you've had diarrhea continuously despite them, you might just want to try a good probiotic, particularly one with Saccromyces Boulardii in it in case you have got a bug called C. Difficile (which wouldn't show up on a parasite test unless it was specifically looked for), which is actually an overgrowth infection from antibiotics. If you have the parasite test that was done, you can check to see if they tested for C. Difficile. If they tested for it, it would say something like 'C difficile toxin- not detected' or 'detected'. If it says 'not detected' then they tested for it and you don't have it. But if they didn't test for it, then it's possible that is the cause of your diarrhea.

C. Diff can cause chronic diarrhea, so it might be worth a try using a good broad spectrum probiotic making sure it has Sac. Boulardii, which is very good against C. Diff. Here's the one that I offer called Ortho Biotic with Sac Boulardii. But it could just be from detoxifying or as a side effect of one of your supplements. I'm not convinced that you got travelers diarrhea from a 'limiting diet', though. That doesn't really make any sense. But I'll bet that you did start some new supplements around that time if you think about it. A new supplement would seem to make more sense to me than travelers diarrhea from a limiting diet.


Kerri Knox, RN

Neti Pot
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Also, your 'throat' mucous could actually be a post nasal drip. I used to get allergies every year and I would experience the post nasal drip as a mucousy throat because the mucous drips into the back of your throat from your sinuses and you are constantly having to swallow it, so it feels like it's in your throat even though the source is your sinuses. Also, you're more likely to be getting a yeast overgrowth in your sinuses then getting an overgrowth JUST in the back of the throat since the sinuses are the first line defense to be filtering all of that mold from the air, and they are nice and dark and warm and moist, perfect for growing mold.

That may not be the case for you, but if you think it's possible, then try going to the drug store or health food store and asking for a 'Neti Pot' or Saline Nasal Wash and try washing your sinuses a couple of times a day. You can even add a touch of the nano silver if you have any left, or a little bit of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) which are both helpful for yeast and OK to put in the nasal wash.

The nasal washes take some getting used to since a nasal wash is not the most comfortable procedure in the world, it's not painful, it's just an unusual sensation, but if that solves your problem, it's super cheap and easy to do.

Kerri Knox, RN

C Diff suspected with GI work from 2/2010 PART 1 OF 3
by: Tom Johnson


THANK YOU!!!!!Got it - no Fluoroquinolones. Will get a new allergy med alert tag with this as well and update Doctors to contact.

Everything is nearly perfect with my LTS treatment, heavy metals and snesitvities in the past 3 months except the weather -humid and hot with mold is starting up again also grass pollen is super high (big allergy). It was 88 Deg F outside and 60-70% humidity/ inside 79 deg F and 55 % humidity. I was going crazy mentally (slow and broken up thought processes / brain confusion/manic panic reactions to probably molds. Molds have been a factor since I was a kid, only now its seeems I am more sensitive. I used my asthma rescue inhaler to keep my wind pipe clear of mucous – also probably reason for mania. I have been doing really well up to today. 2” of rain yesterday and intense sun & humidity for the next 7 days will really do me in if I’m not careful. This happens at the spring summer and then sometimes the summer fall transitions. I am so close to getting all my issues addressed. This brain confusion has also happened in other work places New Orleans, Baton Rouge. I think atmospheric pressure also affects me with this type of weather. Any observations recommendations?

I can tell my lymphatic system is overloaded due to grass pollen and mold with high humidity and everything else catalogued in my blog. Face is red at sinuses, temples, neck. Psoriasis only at back hairline not on my body. For the redness inflammation on face at my sinus I put Desoxymetasone 0.25% USP cortisone cream. Probably not a good idea for yeast growth in sinuses. Should I stop cortisone creams all together? I can use Cerave cream. Any suggestions for redness.

My sinuses are not running. This is at the back of my throat after eating sweet potatoes with lunch (highest sugar) food in my limited diet. I use grapefruit seed extract in water to break up the mucous. Also am using an Oravig 50 mg miconazole slow release tab between check and gum to control mucous. This lasts for a day when I need. I’ll use the neti pot first with distilled water – right then opt for other mentioned tabs for relief if necessary?!


Tom Johnson

Probiotics were changed when Diarrhea started Part 2 of 2
by: Tom Johnson


Continued from earlier email part 1 of 3

Bingo again on the supplement changes at the time of diarrhea. I changed probiotics from Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra with Sac Boulardii to Klaire Labs without Sac Boulardii only Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species. I suspect in a couple of days I’ll be “regular again.” I’ll try your recommended Probiotic if this one doesn’t work. I will review supplements with Dr Cave or with you if you have time.

I had a suspected C diff infection in colon along with gastritis and colitis in 2/2010 from colonoscopy and endoscopy at stomach. Took Vancomycin for this and had diarrhea trouble for several months until Garden of Life Primal Ultra 15 Billion CFUs Probiotic recommendation from a physical therapist suffering with colitis got me over it. The bacteria test does not mention C Diff.

According to BioSET I’m super sensitive to molds- my sensitivity to most other items is normal or slightly above normal after 2 treatments. BioSET is working for some of these allergies but I am also continuing my allergy drops especially during this summer as a fall back for allergy immune continuity (since 6/2008) and due to events of today (brain confusion and some mold?! sensitivity). I could go to an allergist for mold shots. Would this be too much for the rest of my immune system stressors? I go to an ENT for allergy drops with smaller graduated doses for foods and inhalants.

I'm going to test my house (6 years old bought new) and ductwork for mold and fungus. Most of the ductwork is insulated flexible plastic ribbed type (6 years old) extended like a spider from a common supply air plenum. Also I am considering getting a dehumidifier for my office and bedroom. Any suggestions or recommendations for dealing with MOLD? Any good allergy proofing house links. Maybe I need to revisit and correct more recent protocols for allergies in homes.

You are so awesome and so much what I need for double checking supplements, test results, and bouncing random stuff that happens to keep my health out of the ditch. Can I call you for a consult when I get a lot of questions or immune system overload? Spring to Summer & Summer to Fall is the worst time of the year. I will pay for your expert opinion. Please email me with your number if you don't mind. I have all my tests scanned and can send to you for further follow-up. I also have a compressed history, diet and supplements on a spreadsheet. I’ll keep things short (bullet points and questions prepared, emailed beforehand, and then discussed later) if necessary.

Medical issues include heavy metals toxicity mercury and arsenic, overactive T2 cells (treated with wheat germ and yeast drink 2 times a day), deficient gut bacteria, multiple chemical, food, and environmental sensitivities, to name a few.

A Million Cajun Thanks Kerri!!

Tom Johnson

Tendonitis, GI Tract, Teeth, and New Therapy Update
by: Tom Johnson


After 4 months using The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution (LTS) I am almost pain free. To recap the past 2 years I have been battling tendonitis in ALL my major joints. Since 2/2012 I have been religiously and zealously following your supplement, diet, exercise regime with FANTASTIC results!

I started working out with light weights 2 weeks ago and have no recurring tendonitis. There is some pain in peroneal tendon (outside lower leg) that can be relieved with magnesium gel. This was the last area affected by tendonitis in 10/2011. My shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, neck, and wrists are in tact and fully functioning. How long do I continue the diet and supplements before I'm sure of complete recovery? Any telltale indicators?

Your advice on GI tract Sac. Boulardii is spot on! After supplementing my diet with more sac Boulardii my stools are normal!!

The lower half of my lower jaw teeth are turning transparent gold color. Is this due to any supplements? Now that I am recovering with LTS can I reduce the supplements? Any supplements in particular are affecting/discoloring my teeth?

I continue with heavy metals and food sensitivity recovery using chelation, hyperbaric oxygen, BioSET (acupressure - really awesome for any type of sensitivity), Epsom salt baths, raindrop (essential oil therapy), lymphatic massage, etc. 2/3 of the way through and I feel much better.

Essential Oil therapy (youngliving.com) is another interesting therapy where extremely pure concentrated (1,000’s of times more potent than normal oils) of natural oils are used in various mixture combinations through various applications – topical, massage, ingestion (most are NOT toxic for consumption), and aromatic inhalation to maintain health and to recover from many health challenges. The small molecules of the oils are easily absorbed by the body and quickly circulate through the body to detox/excrete whatever is alien to the body. These oils contain their own enzymes which greatly facilitate the delivery of their antioxidant and other healing properties throughout the body. This is one of the oldest versions of medicine. Think of the 3 kings with frankincense and myrrh and King Tut’s tomb filled with jars of essential oils. These oils were more valuable than gold in ancient times because of their healing properties! I feel great after 3 raindrop treatments using oils: oregano, thyme, marjoram, wintergreen and peppermint. Good detox qualities. Also looking to include a regime for psoriasis and yeast topical treatments.

A Million Thanks!!


6/20/12 Update Improvement with Heavy Metals, Chemical & Food Sensitivities & Tendonitis
by: Tom Johnson



Week 20 on the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution Protocols and Week 17 Dr Cave, MD Integrative Doctor care for heavy metals, food and chemical sensitivities, and GI tract issues.

Tendonitis recovery continues with your e-book and supplements. I am doing light exercises after being dormant for almost seven months with the exception of walking 4-5 times a week about 30 minutes each time. Recovery is happening, but to help I get deep tissue massages to unkink muscles, lymphatic massages, and raindrop massage to continue eliminating toxins. One 1.5 hour session a week with one fantastic masseuse Babette DeBarros (www.biossage4life.com ) that does all 3. BTW, she is my “masseuse angel”. I am taking all recommended supplements with additional Zinc 900% RDA, Selenium 900% RDA, Hyaluronic Acid 400 mg 2 times a day to boost my body’s production of collagen and connective tissue. Bone soup taking 6-8 ounces twice a day (am & pm). If I wasn’t so hard headed and pushing so much I would probably not be hurting as much. I’m doing 5 minutes of core work every day (www.ironcrossfitness.com core many video clips- Andy McDermott is in driveway on opening pic for this 4:40 min vid) and light weights every other day. Andy has some really great videos. Send Andy some love too while you are at it! He includes his family in the videos for some real joy!!

Also started food extracting with Nutribullet (www.nutribullet.com ). A little pricy but it extracts foods including nuts and fibrous foods – so you consume the complete food and there is little mess. 2 weeks and I’m really getting the benefits of complete absorption nutrition!!

All food is ORGANIC. This is an important ISSUE. I was still feeling pain with regular meats and produce- why because they are full of anti-biotics, pesticides, and metals (cadmium, arsenic, etc.)and fertilizers. For clean whey protein consider http://www.defensenutrition.com/organic-warrior-whey (your resource Kerri). After 2 weeks the pain diminished to very comfortable levels. After 2 ½ months the pain is from my getting back into shape. I am using the magnesium gel 2-3 times a day versus 5-6 times a day when I first started. Again recovery is evident in all areas!!!

A Million Thanks Kerri,

Tom Johnson

6/20/12 Update Improvement with Heavy Metals, Chemical & Food Sensitivities & Tendonitis Pt 2
by: Tom Johnson


Heavy metals and food sensitivities are under control after 12 CAEDTA chelation IV treatments with glutathione (getting retested for metals to gauge progress), daily 4 cup Epsom salt baths, raindrop (essential oil /lymphatic) massages weekly, bi monthly Bioset (acupressure treatments) for all food, chemical, pathogenic, vitamin, etc. sensitivities, 3 time daily breathing exercises, daily massage brushing for lymphatic stimulation, and use of essential oils supplement gel “Inner Defense” from www.youngliving.com. These pure oils have their own enzymes assist the body to effective clean out toxins throughout the body. The body heals itself using these oils. They have been around for over 5,000 years. The oils in King Tut’s tomb were still vital and usable when Dr Carter opened the tomb 2500 years later.

My energy levels are more pronounced. I am physically and mentally more active than I have been in months.

Suggestion: Keep a journal on line or hand written so you can share your journey back to health with those that need it.

A Million Thanks Kerri,

Tom Johnson

Chelation and Tendonitis Recurrence Update 1 OF 2
by: Anonymous


It’s been 3 months since the last update.

I have had 20 chelation treatments with Epsom salt baths daily, weekly massage : combination lymphatic, some deep tissue and raindrop therapy (see livingyoung.com for massaging oils along spine for pathogen and body immune health – alternative to anti biotics with great results the past 6 months), walking daily, light exercise, clean organic food diet, BIoSET treatments every 2 weeks(Chinese acupressure to control sensitivities to foods, chemicals, ducts, molds, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and pretty much anything I’m having trouble with can be treated by bring the item in during treatment).

Also I continue to take your supplements and Dr. Cave’s supplements. There is about 50% overlap with your supplements and her supplements. Diet is the same clean organic food with eatrightforyourtype.com diet. No white refined anything.

I made great improvements in June through most of August and continued with walking and light weight training in August with great success until August 17.

BAD EVENT FOR TENDONITIS RELAPSE: On August 17, 6 pm: I was stung by a wasp while trimming some shrubs on my left hand middle knuckle. My hand was swollen in 2 minutes from an allergic reaction. Within 30 minutes my left hand was on the verge of breaking the skin due to the swelling from the allergic reaction. Went to Lake After Hours Clinic within 15 minutes of sting and after 30 minutes of sting with no anaphylaxis the doctor gave me a cortisone shot and a series of 6 days of cortisone August 17 through August 23. The swelling went down after the 5th day. I carry an epipen in case of these type events but don’t use unless anaphylaxis. I never reacted this bad to a bug sting ever.

Since August 28 tendonitis and yeast infection in esophagus/ throat have started... I have tendonitis starting in my hips on 9/10 from hauling heavy carry on luggage with wheels (packed with my frozen food) and lower back (I travel by jet weekly with a weeks worth of frozen food in a carry on bag and a back pack with supplements, etc to Corpus Christi). This has been going on for 10-12 weeks. And have not had any issues with the same luggage and conditions in the previous weeks.

QUESTIONS: Do I use your book and supplements for recovery again. Are there any other pointers for a relapse with tendonitis in new joints (hips)? If not how do I recover from the tendonitis?



Thanks and Parkinson's Disease Treatment with Glutathione IVs
by: Tom Johnson



A million thanks for all the great advice from your website, Levaquin Tendonitis E-book, diet and supplement appendices in the past year (since 1/31/12)! I am almost completely recovered from the body wide tendonitis nightmare brought on by foods containig anitbiotics- mostly meats. I am all organic with meats. Still eat your bone soup to keep joints and tissues healthy. Take supplements per your recommendations as well.

My issues were complicated with mercury, lead, and aluminum metal poisoning. My integrative doctor, Dr Stephanie Cave, MD is still treating me since February 2012 with chelation and related therapies.

My diet choices (fewer food sensitivities) and overall health have improved greatly with reduction in toxins from the food chain (antibiotics, insecticides, fertilizers, metals, etc.) and supplements.

I have a 74 year old father that is in his seventh year with Parkinson's Disease. He is still with us mentally and physically. I brought him to Dr. Cave who also treats Parkinson's patients. My father responded well (shaking stopped) using glutathione IVs. My parents retired to Cortez Colorado area and are looking for a clinic or integrative medical practitioner - doctor- RN to administer glutathione IVs. Because the FDA does not back this treatment many clinic refuse treatment. Any suggestions or resources you could recommned would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I also ran into another engineer today suffering from tendonitis all over his body and gave out your name and book title.

Thanks for doing the right thing- no matter what. The world would be a much better place if everyone led their lives with their heart. I am so grateful for your book and advice. Because of you I am a healthy, loving, productive, and forever changed person. I appreciate life and live life more fully than ever!!

Thanks and God Bless You Kerri!!

Tom Johnson

AntiAging doctors
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Tom,

SO glad that you are doing so much better. That is AMAZING!! Yeah. As for your parents, in the book, I give a resource to find anti aging doctors who give IV nutrients. Unfortunately, that's the best that I can do. These docs are few and far between, but worth it to travel if need be. Hopefully, they will find someone close by.

Also, do you mind if I use your testimonial for the book? That would be terrific. Thanks in advance.

Kerri Knox, RN

Use me and any info from me...Please
by: Tom Johnson


I thank GOD for you, your e-book, and your blog every day!

After 2 years, 11 doctors/specialists,countless hours of useless disconnected doctor consults, horrifying anxiety attacks, constant pain, total desolation -emotionally and psychologically, and many tens of thousands of dollars, I am practically free of most of the major tendonitis pain in all of my joints! Not because of traditional quick fix medicine. Because of the good food, supplements, and recommended therapies to bring balance back into my life! All thanks to you, your book, and blog!

Thanks to you I have a healthy productive, full life!

There is a price though. A clean diet free of junk food/processed foods, antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers, most metals, and a lot of supplements on hand when tendonitis issues occur. Fine, whatever it takes to love life for the rest of my life!

If you have any new books please let me know!

Infinity Squared Thank Yous Kerri!

Tom Johnson

Durango Clinic Handles Glutathione IVs
by: Tom Johnson


Just got word a place in Durango, CO can do the glutathione IV's.

Thanks for the help,


Affiliate Program
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Tom,

Glad you found a place to have them seen. That's a great area too. I lived in Colorado for a little while and really loved it.

I also wanted to let you know that the book has an affiliate program too. I don't tell that many people about it simply because I don't want people to be promoting it unless they really believe in it. But in any case, if you send people to buy the book, you can make 50% of the price- $19.99 on each sale. So if you are inclined to make some money at the same time that you are helping people out, you can. The information is all on the link below and once you sign up, you'll get instructions on how to go about getting a code so that it 'tracks' the people that you sent to the page and gives you credit for anyone who purchases.

So, I'm so happy to hear about you getting better. It really made my day to hear how well you are doing.

Here's the link for the affiliate sign up if you are so inclined:

Levaquin Tendonitis Affiliate Program.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Levaquinn Tendonitis and Metals Poisoning Update
by: Tom Johnson

11/12/2014 update

Guilty Confession: It's been over a year since I followed up with my status with Levaquinn Tendonitis and Metals Poisoning Update.

All is well in al area of my life!!!

I have been successful at maintaining optimal health by abstaining from all antibiotics in foods ( non - organic animal and animal products). I cook all organic foods and vacuum seal these for best and longest freezer time for over 2.5 years. The tenodonitis is very minimal. Thanks for your e-book Kerri "The Levaquinn Tendonitis Solution" and the recommended supplements list and the bone soup!! Also silica based alkaline concentrate 2 times a day helps keep my body pH neutral. Acid pH levels cause infections!!

Lots of these supplements are commonly characteristics of metals poisoning as well.

My metals poisoning from mercury (mostly a seafood diet for 25 years) is linked to my Levaquinn Tendonitis. I rarely ate any organic or non-organic meats during this time. The non organic meats are full of antibiotics in the past 30 years. I started eating regular meats when diagnosed with high mercury levels only to become allergic/ sensitive with tendonitis to the antibiotics in meats after 2 years!! 90% of antibiotics in this country are in the non organic meats and meat products (eggs, cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt, butter). Antibiotics include penecillin, amoxicillin, tetraccycline, and a host of others. This is the source of a growing rise of bacterial super bugs in the US!!

Other metals poisoning was from lead and cadmium (paints), aresenic ( non-organic chicken -actually in chicken feed to increase appetite, apples), nickel, mercury (seafood and dental fillings), radiation, and others. This is under control via chelation and other supplements including digestive enzymes (previous stomach trouble led to antacid abuse for years causing improper food absorption). Do not take antacids/acid inhibitors longer than 2 weeks else your GI tract digestion changes.

There is hope for nearly everyone!! Keep looking. I fired 9 doctor specialists and keep 4 on hand when necessary. If you are not getting better with doctors treatments - fire them and get another doctor. Nobody knows you better than you or you closest loved ones!

Forever grateful and thankful to give to help other because of the chance I took almost 3 years ago on your ebook and advice Kerri.

Bless you and your wonderful, precious info from outside "western quick fix or die mentality"

My lessons learned: The collateral damage of a lot of western medical procedures is much greater than a slow progressive holistic approach to recover to your best health without furtrher compromising it with radical, invasive, and often harmful western medical techniques. Western medicine is good when you have an emergency or critical illness, though.

All the best and a Million Thanks My Medical Angel, Kerri!!

Tom Johnson

So glad to hear that you are still doing well.
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

Hi Tom,

I'm so glad to hear that you are still doing well. I was wondering if you would mind going on this website and letting them know about your experiences with the book. It would help me out a lot to have someone on there giving a great review of it.

My Quin Story Forum- Is the levaquin tendonitis solution any good

Thanks in advance if you decide to do so. Please don't feel obligated, but since you always butter me up and tell me nice things, I thought that you might not mind. :)

Kerri Knox, RN

Remove my email address
by: Tom Johnson (Baton Rouge)

Hey Kerri

Thanks for all the help includign H pylori e-book and advice.

On the h pylori page of user contributions I found my email addresses. Please remove these from the public posting. I am trying to be safer with my information.

A million thanks for keeping me healthy Kerri!!

Best Regards

Tom Johnson

Your email address.
by: Kerri

I tried to get all of them Tom, but I only got them on THIS thread. If you see anywhere else that you see your email address, you'll need to comment on that thread and let me know.

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