Nutrition and Fibromyalgia

by Gale

I have been dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibro for over 22 years now. It first started when we were overseas, living (literally) out in the jungle. All our food was fresh and "homemade" because of our location. Lots of fruits (local one) and veggies. Meat/eggs/fish fresh "off the hoof", so to speak. Then literally overnight I got sick with the CFS and life has never been the same. We live in the USA now--not that it helps the CFS or fibro, but certain things are easier. I found your website via Ravelry and knitting and one of the groups that Josh Tucker often comments on.

We have no health insurance, so doctors (for the most part) are out of the question, as are most tests. So...what could you recommend as the most important part of a treatment regimen that I can set up for myself. I deal with the normal ups/downs of these problems, but recently have had more downs and quite severe ones. I do NOT want to spiral down to where I was when this all started. Fatigue and mental "fogginess" and an inability to concentrate/think would be the primary issues I am dealing with currently. I sleep, but not well. And there is a fair amount of pain throughout my whole body. I do mild exercise at Curves, but somedays even that is WAY too much to handle mentally or physically.

It is not life-threatening, but certainly is not what I want for my lifestyle. Thanks for your help.


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by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Gale,

Since this all occurred when you were living overseas, I can almost guarantee that you began to develop this from some sort of intestinal pathogen. Your situation is one that I hear VERY frequently that starts with something like, "I've never felt the same since my sister's wedding in Thailand" or something like that.

So, EVEN IF you've been tested for intestinal pathogens and EVEN IF you've been treated for them in the past, I would VERY much recommend that you get my Comprehensive Intestinal Pathogen Test and see if you have any bugs. Again, even if you've already been tested and/or treated for intestinal pathogens, the laboratories that doctors use are VERY inaccurate for these stool tests. This laboratory was created by an alternative physician because the stool testing that he was sending out was so inaccurate and he was so frustrated with them that he just started his own laboratory.

The most likely cause of your problems is almost certainly some sort of intestinal pathogen....

Kerri Knox, RN

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