No-one believes me!

by Franciszka
(Perth Scotland)

I think it must be about 6 or 7 years ago that I felt there was something wrong with me. I have HyproThyroidism, HBP and Chronic Stomach problems. Osophogitis, Gall Stones, Hiatus Hernia, and some other stomach ailments that I cant pronounce. It took me a long time to find out that it was Gluten that affected my stomach and bowels.

My sister is a nurse, and she kept telling me that I do NOT have Coeliac's disease' I have undergone the 'Gastroscoscopy' tested for Coeleiacs and other serious stomach problems. Negative for Coeliacs but borderline for Gluten Intolerance. I Know how I feel after eating bread or pasta (mother Italian, best pasta maker in the world)Rye bread, biscuits, cakes ect., I do not get stomach pain (take Omeprazole 20mg daily for the past 6 years)but I do go to the toilet and feel that I have just eaten a 100 proof Vindaloo Curry. My bottom is burning hot for days. I get migraine headaches, constant noise in my ears, and more recently, breathlessness.

Still people will tell me that I am NOT Coeliacs and just imagining my symptoms, no-one takes me seriously. So what is a girl to do????? I buy Gluten free bread, tried baking my own but could have build a house with the bricks which were baked. I also buy GF pasta and cook all my meals fresh, its just so hard to Not eat Gluten since everything I love has Gluten in it. And its difficult when your hubby and family are all fine and can eat Gluten.

I started to get really worried last week when I became breathless after eating pasta at my mum's and could not resist cake at work. I went to see my GP and after explaining my concerns, he took bloods for Ceoliacs and allergies. Today, I was told by the Receptionist that my tests came back Negative...what does that tell me??? I am sitting here tonight and my ears are ringing and I am breathless (my own fault, I ate pasta last night and battered fish today!!!!

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Just sto eating gluten
by: Anonymous

Please just stop eating gluten. There is plenty of good food that does not have gluten. Is eating pasta worth getting sick?

by: Anonymous

all celiac are low b12, buzzing in ears and short breath will go away.

steady eddy

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