No more hives and lower blood sugar after going gluten free

by Eileen
(Cromwell, CT)

I got chronic hives on July 18, 2008 along with angiodema every single day and night. I felt like killing myself. My "doctor" had me on 10 mg prednisone which was horrible. My horrible allergist told me not to bother with food allergy testing, said I had a 50/50 chance of having the hives in a year, and gave me allegra (which did nothing). I did research and found a solution which was zrytec and zantec. Fast forward 6 years to 2014 I was still on the daily antihistamines. I am now pre-diabetic so I went to a natriopath type doctor. She said I could be sensitive to either gluten, dairy or soy.

I don't eat soy so I stopped eating gluten on my own on 11/18/2014. On 11/22/2004 I stopped taking the antihistamines because I read that there might be a link between gluten and hives. Lo and behold my hives stopped. I know it was the gluten because I tired going off the antihistamines before and it didn't work. My blood sugar is going down also. The book Wheat Belly is very helpful.

Good luck people. Be careful lots of food contains gluten including tomato soup, licorice and gravies. I also have hypothyroidism which also may be associated with gluten.

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