Nerve Pain and Fibromyalgia

by Michael

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 9 months ago after experiencing severe nerve pain. I was tested for everything under the sun and had blood work done. Everything was fine. I was then told I had Fibromyalgia. My question is this: Can Fibromyalgia mimic peripheral neuropathy?

I was also wondering, can standing for too long damage the nerves in your feet? Also, can sitting in a chair for a while damage nerves in your buttocks and thighs? The reason I ask is because the biggest bulk of my nerve pain is in my legs,feet, and buttocks/thighs.

Thank You

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You DON'T have fibromyalgia
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please see my page on Fibromyalgia Syndrome Vs. Disease.

You do NOT have Fibromyalgia. You have been given a 'junk' diagnosis of a 'syndrome', which is not a 'diagnosis' at all, but a description of a collection of symptoms that mean, literally, you have a lot of pain- aren't you glad that your doctor could tell you that you have a lot of pain? That's all fibromyalgia means.

There is no criteria for you to have fibromyalgia except that they can't find anything wrong with you and they push on your back and it hurts. It's sort of like if you were to go into the hospital with a broken leg and I were to do a bunch of blood tests and can't find anything on the blood tests, so I say that "all of your tests are normal", then I push on your leg and it hurts, so I say that you have 'Achy Leg and Inability to Walk on It Syndrome'. While technically true, it's 'junk' and doesn't mean anything at all- which is what they've told you. In fact, they've done you a disservice because, by giving you a 'diagnosis', they can feel like they've done their job and they can send you home feeling good about their job and they don't have to look for the problem anymore despite the fact that they are no closer to any solution to help you.

By giving our guy in the above example a diagnosis of 'Achy Leg and Unable to Walk on it Syndrome' and sent him home, they have only left the problem for later and for someone else- because they CERTAINLY haven't helped him, just like they haven't helped YOU just by giving you a diagnosis.

So, no, sitting and standing, even for LONG periods, do not cause nerve pain- otherwise, every nurse and chef in the world would have feet nerve pain and every office worker would have buttocks and thigh nerve pain.

So, despite 'all' your tests being 'fine', that's great if when they don't do any tests that mean anything. Did they do a Vitamin D Level? An Adrenal Test? Did they test your Vitamin B12 Level? Your B vitamin levels? How much oxidative stress you are experiencing?


So, if I did a brain scan and arm X-rays on someone with appendicitis, I would send them home saying everything is 'fine' because I'm not looking for the right thing.

I have a TON of pages on Fibromyalgia on this site. Please read them and start looking in the right place for what is wrong...

Kerri Knox, RN

Nerve Pain
by: michael

I started using xanax about 1 year ago to deal with these symptoms and it helped. I took xanax .5 mg once a day at night for about 4 months and got physically hooked on them. I then quit them and my original symptoms amplified.

I then went to a neurologist and was told I was suffering from withdraw induced fibromyalgia and that it could take a long time to get better but he said that it would. Well it has gotten a lot better but I still have the pain and irritable bowel syndrome. I just constantly worry about nerve damage because it doesn't usually hurt unless I sit or stand for too long. I've also been afraid to sit very often because I read pressure causes nerve damage on a peripheral neuropathy pamphlet.

by: Anonymous

Man, these doctors come up with some crap of diagnosis!

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