Natural Underarm Deodorant

by Charlie
(Monterrey, NL, Mex)

Hi Kerri,

I have known that Alum is a natural option to be used as underarm deodorant.

So, I would like to know what you think of Alum...And, do know of any other natural option to be used as underarm deodorant???

Thanks in advance!

Comments for Natural Underarm Deodorant

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by: Kerri

I don't know enough about alum to have an opinion. Coconut oil also can work for that. You can also possibly mix some coconut oil with some essential oil that you like. I like to include colloidal silver, or the Nano Silver on my site, and mix it in with the coconut oil and/or essential oil fragrance, if you need the fragrance. Both the coconut oil and silver are excellent antibacterials, which is how you keep the smell at bay- by reducing bacteria. You can even mix up this concoction and pour it into a stick like mold. If you keep it in the fridge or other cool area, then it will stay solid and you can use it like a deodorant stick. You might just have to change putting on deodorant from a bathroom activity to a kitchen activity (since you live in a warm climate)! But it's a good switch. If you have a tiled bathroom, putting the stick on the floor on the tile (in a container, of course) might keep it cool enough to not turn liquid.

Kerri Knox, RN

Safe underarm deodorant alternative!
by: Karen

About the deodorant solution, we just pat baking soda on our underarms, and it works....but I just read that if you mix a little coconut oil with a little baking soda and make into a works great as an under arm deodorant...I am going to try it...but the baking soda seems to work just fine, if you pat it into your arm pits, after washing them or showering....better that aluminum based antiperspirants by far!!!! Karen

bye bye deodorant
by: Anonymous

I do not use underarm deodorant or even wear perfume. I sweat but no bad odor. Body is supposed to sweat to eliminate toxins, to regulate your temperature... to keep you healthy... Drink more water, less juices, avoid salt& sugar as much you can, add products with probiotic to your diet.10 mins shower every day with baby soap... this will make you say bye bye to deodorants...

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