Natural Cream for Winter

by Charlie
(Monterrey, NL, Mexico)

Hi Kerri,

I was not sure where to post this question. Sorry if I chose the wrong place...

Since I read your book (and many topics in your site) I stopped using creams for my face. I only wash it and dry it. And I feel the skin of my face is finally breathing.

I have been able to do this during hot summer. But I do not know if cold winter will allow me to do the same thing.

So, just in case, do you know of any natural cream or oil that I can rub in my face to avoid dry skin during winter?

Thanks in advance!

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Coconut oil
by: Kerri

Yes, you can just use straight coconut oil. It's wonderful for both summer and winter. In summer, it's been reported that coconut oil has some sunscreen effect too. Just use enough to let it sink in, but not be greasy. You'll also absorb the fatty acids right through your skin and into your body for an extra fat source too!

And this was one of the places that I put up for you to post questions, so it's perfect.

Hope this helps.

Kerri Knox, RN

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