Muscle cramps head to toe!

by Eran H

I have muscle cramps literally from neck to toe. Whenever I stretch or strain slightly out of the normal range if motion I start cramping there. When I exercise now I start to cramp like halfway into my workout. Please help!

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Read the page
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Please read the page that you just commented on. I'd be happy to help, but I already devoted an entire page to the subject, so reading the page that you just commented on, then asking a question about something specific, if you do not understand it is a better strategy than reading a page and just saying "HELP!!!!".

Did you actually read the page? If not, please do that then you can ask a question. I write these pages with the intention TO help you, so if you just write "HELP!!!!" it seems that you did not even read the page designed to have already helped you, so it's confusing to me since, to me, I've ALREADY provided you help.

by: Iris

Thank you for all your info I'll try vitamin E firs n if don't help I'll try magnesium

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