mthfr gene issues and B12

by Renee
(So CA)

I have been ill for most of my adult life, struggling along with Chronic Fatigue symptoms, noise and smells, and lights and crowds popped up first in the mid 80s never knew what was wrong thought everyone had a hard time too..fibro popped up after the birth of my only child in 1991, it was not until I was in bed sleeping for 2 years straight 2008 did I get out of bed finally search problems.. found some Low dose naltrexone for my immune issues but I am still very tired, Dr took a cell blood test for my B12 and lab range was less than 30 and my results were less than 5 telling me yeah I need help!!! Thanks for all your work you do.. I do run a LDN support group on facebook and help others every day but this MTHFR Gene Mutation issue and low B12 has me worried.. Thank you

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by: Kathie

I too have MTHFR Gene Mutation, compound heterozygous. Methyl B12 has been my lifesaver. My last count was 798 in just 5 months. Check out the support groups on Facebook on MTHFR, there is a plethora of info and great people.

5-MTHF-ES & B-12
by: Tom Johnson

Welcome to the club my friend.

An integrative doc- Dr Stephanie Cave, MD in Baton Rouge, LA has me on Xymogen 5-MTHF-ES (2500% daily dosage) and B-12 methylcoalamin 5000 mcg.

Thanks to her I am closer to normal and no longer the crazy patient in the room with other doctors.

So mutations happen due to meds taken longer than doctors prescribe, namely Acid Inhibitors. I have GERD and was on Protonix for 2 YEARS!.. Well, the mutations happened and I also need enzymes and sticking to a clean real food diet to stay healthy.

No telling if the MTHFR Gene Mutationis from this or other meds. I was fine until about 10 years ago. Softdrinks eroded my stomach sphincter. Softdrinks are precessed sugars and carbolic acid NOT FOOD!!

All the Best

by: Anonymous

The above comment is incorrect. You are born with these mutations. They do not just happen.

Mutations at birth
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

The mutations ARE present at birth. They are genetic mutations, but they are not necessarily 'active' and environmental factors can trigger them in adulthood.

One cannot know WHAT turned them on, however, and they may be 'turned on' for many years before we notice. That acid blockers triggered his mutations is sheer speculation.

So, you both are correct, really.

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