Ms/Vitamin D deficieny

by Gloria

My vitamin D level was a 9. My doctor prescribed Vitamin D2 at 50.000 ui a week for 12 weeks. I am on week number 9 and the aching that I was feeling is almost gone. However my hands do not grip things well and my fingers on both hands but mostly on right side are painful and don't work right.

Today I donated blood plasma for the 4th time.I had a very bad reaction.I had one other bad reaction 2 weeks earlier but not anything close to as bad as this one today.Today Both hands contorted and I could not move them. I was tingly in hands, feet,and mouth and had trouble talking. My blood pressure dropped to 52.I had to call my son to pick me up as I was afraid to drive and also the nurse did not want me to drive. She even considered call a ambulance to get me checked out

The nurse asked me if anybody in my family has ever been diagnosed with ms. I do not know that answer as I don't know my family very well. When I had my physical for the job I have been at for 5 months I was told that I had a very week grip. Could ms or a vitamin D deficiency cause the reaction I had today at the plasma center? How does one get tested for ms? I am 47 year old female.

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Sounds like hyperventilation/panic attack
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Gloria,

Please read my page on MS and Vitamin D. You are not diagnosed with MS because of a problem gripping things or because of a reaction to giving plasma. MS is diagnosed with an MRI and lesions on the spine.

Low vitamin d is a RISK FACTOR for the development of MS, but low vitamin d is not the same thing as MS. Just like smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer, but smoking is not the same thing as lung cancer, and you may never develop lung cancer regardless of how much you smoke.

It's the same way with MS and Vitamin D. Low vitamin d is merely a risk factor for MS. You could have low vitamin d your whole life and never develop MS. However, most people who develop MS have had low vitamin d for many years.

Also, low vitamin d, in and of itself, can cause weakness and could very well explain a weak grip- as can a thousand other things that have nothing to do with MS.

Also, your 'reaction' to giving plasma sounds exactly like what happens when someone hyperventilates and/or has a panic attack. If giving plasma makes you panic and/or have such bad reactions, please stop giving plasma and that will solve that problem.

Also, please read my page on Vitamin D Therapy so that you can get on the right dosage and kind of vitamin d, and also see why you should be taking magnesium with that vitamin d. A lack of magnesium can make you more prone to feeling panicky and stressed and could have contributed to your 'reaction' to giving plasma.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
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