MRI tomorrow

by GregO
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I'm going for an MRI tomorrow.

My Avelox related pain started in late January after 6 of 7 doses (I stopped at 6). I'm taking all of the supplements (in the forms you suggest) that you suggested; plus epsom salt baths (5 lbs per tub) about every 5 days. Am massaging magnesium oil once or twice a day and massaging calf, patella and ankles throughout the day. While it seems to be better it tingles from ankle to calf occasionally during the day and feels tight. More pronounced in the morning until I get up and move about.

Is there anything I should be telling the doctor and radiologist? They insist on doing one lower leg at a time.

Thank you,

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Contrast or non-contrast
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Greg,

Whatever MRI they doing is what they are doing. Unfortunately, there is nothing to really tell them. Some people have reactions to the electromagnetic field and some people can have reactions to the contrast (if they use contrast, not all of them do). But there is no way to know if you will, and probably can only take some extra magnesium to ward off the stress that it can induce in some people. Otherwise, there is really nothing to tell them and no way to prepare.

Having said that, most people do fine. The only other thing that you 'might' do is simply to put it off for a while. I cannot imagine what an MRI would show, and not sure what they would be looking for on one. The chances seem extremely low that would find anything on an MRI.

If it is an MRI that is done 'with contrast', you can take a supplement called 'N Acetyl Cysteine' before and after the test to help you detoxify the contrast as well.

Kerri Knox, RN

by: GregO

The reason for the MRI was to measure inflammation for the purpose of determining if and when I could resume physical exercise with some degree of assurance that a tendon somewhere iny body would not tear from the bone.

7 days ago (roughly 30 days after stopping Avelox) I tried to do a few push-ups (slowly) and light weights with my Bowlex only to experience soreness in my shoulder to an inordinate degree relative to the light 30-lbs weight.

I was told that eventually the bad stuff would work itself out of my system and that it's just a matter of trying to determine when and at what stage the inflammation is currently.

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