more than one b12 at once safe or not?

Is it possible to be born with a b12 deficiency?

Can you take more than one type of b12 at one time safely, to help with separate problems?

Thank you!

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by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Jennifer,

Why do you think that you were born with B12 deficiency and what different problems do you have that you think that one vitamin b12 preparation would be more beneficial for than another, and why do you believe that?

Kerri Knox, RN

why i asked if b12 could be a problem from birth
by: Anonymous

I asked about possible b12 deficiency at birth because I have 3 children and I was wondering if it is something I should watch out for to keep them as healthy as possible... I think I either have bad case of vitamin deficiencies or cfs bc at about age 12 I started to feel weak and just had no energy I went from being the 2nd fastest kid in my class to almost the last(when doing races like track etc) then at age 16 I started having blackouts I had been walking from one room of the house to another and the next thing I remember I woke up on the floor shaking very hard since then it has become a common occurrence and I've learned to control how I fall the majority of the time I have several other symptoms which different sources suggest could be related to cfs... I'm now 25 and I've had several tests done over the years including ekg, eeg, echo cardiogram, blood work(was told I needed more salt in my diet), mri, and others but I don't have the finances to go to the doctors anymore bc I have not been able to work at all in years because of being so weak, when I black out it feels like my blood is not quite making it to my brain I don't know how else to describe it.... Other symptoms include headaches, sore throat, becoming sick very easily, chest pain, problems remembering things especially short term, not being able to think straight, extremely sensitive to heat, bruise very easy and take a long time to vanish, and recently I've also developed tonsil stones... I've puzzled local doctors a lot and they seem to have just given up

Gluten Sensitivity
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Please see my pages on Gluten Sensitivity. That's almost certainly the 'puzzling' cause of your symptoms, even if you've been tested for Celiac Disease and been negative. And if your kids are showing signs of similar problems, then you need to definitely look into gluten as a familial problem since sensitivity DEFINITELY runs in families.

But PLEASE don't start looking for problems in them where there are none. You did not have B12 deficiency 'from birth' and they obviously didn't either if they 'seem' all right to you now.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

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