MMA Urine Test

by Chris

After reading the details on your website, I want to get a "Methylmalonic Acid" (MMA) test done to confirm my B12 deficiency and read it together with my B12 and Hcy levels.

I am able to get the MMA test from a lab in another city. And they only do a Urine Test (Qualitative).

I would appreciate it if you could let me know:

1) Is the urine test as reliable as the blood test?

2) What does "qualitative" mean? I have read "quantitative" next to blood tests. Does that mean they won't give me a normal range and an exact level of MMA found in the urine?

3) It may take hours for the urine to reach the lab. Wouldn't that make the test useless? I have read somewhere that the "stability" for MMA urine test is 2 hours only.



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Order one from me
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Chris,

If you are worried about your B12 levels and want an MMA test, why don't you get a QUANTITATIVE one from me at the bottom of the Methylmalonic Acid page here.

Qualitative makes no sense at all. That means you'll get a 'yes or no' answer and everyone has SOME methylmalonic acid in their urine because it's a normal waste product.

Also, the test that I offer comes with over a dozen different nutrient markers. If you are concerned about B12 and Homocysteine, then get your other nutrients checked out at the same time.

Yes, the test is very accurate, and no sending it by mail (you freeze it first) does not hurt the accuracy of the test. I've personally had hundreds of clients send in these tests with great success.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

High B12
by: April

Hi, my B12 is around 1300 also my liver enzymes are high. I am a vegan also. Recently my symptoms have worsened. My doctor says I have leaky gut syndrome, I have become allergic to everything I eat my skin feels like pins and needles and I have numbness in my face and feet and hands. This is just the beginning of my symptoms but the worst part. Do you think I am not absorbing b12 and that's why it is so high. I feel like my symptoms line up with B12 deficiency and the doctor had me on an elimination diet which actually eliminatied all of the b12 fortified foods that I was eating. He also had me take a bunch of probiotics and vitamins to try to heal my stomach. Recently I have Started taking a sub lingual B 12 liquid and take in the grains out of my diet. Do you think that I am actually deficient in B12?

MMA Test link on website
by: Anonymous


I would like to get the MMA (in-home) urine test. However, the link doesn't appear to be working. When I click on the link, it takes me to the top of "A Methylmalonic Acid Test For B12 Deficiency is Useful, but" page. Can you tell me where I can get an MMA test done? I will ask my pcp, but in case he is not aware of it..

I have had a serum B12 test done and I am in the 700's for B12 but I am having neuropathy after Levaquin, methylprednisolone, and Cipro.


[Kerri's note: thanks for pointing out the link doesn't work. I no longer have access to anyone providing a stand alone MMA test, and it's only part of the Organic Acids Test now.]

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