Methycobalamin 1000mcg

by Priya Nath

Dear Kerri!

There is a synthetic compound Methlycobalamin which is being prescibed here in India in high doses -- even up to 1500mcg and is supposed to be very good for the nerves of the legs in chronic leg fatigue..

I took these capsules which also containined Folic Acid 1500mg as well as B6 =3 mg

And later my Vita B12 levels in the blood went very high -- up to 900.

The doctor said these high levels are irrelevant as nothing "high " has been determined for Vit B12 in the blood. But I gave up the high dosage..

What is your opinion about optimum Vitamin B12 levels in the blood?

Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge with people all over the world!!


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Vitamin B12 Levels
by: Kerri

Hi Priya,

You can ignore high vitamin B12 levels once you are taking Vitamin B12. The only significance for high Vitamin B12 levels would be if one is NOT taking Vitamin B12, then there could be a problem of the MTHFR gene that does not process Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid properly. But once one is taking Vitamin B12, one should ignore a high Vitamin B12 level. Better yet, one should not bother getting the Vitamin B12 levels done once one takes the sublingual Vitamin B12, and one should just adjust levels to how one feels.

On my Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment page, I outline a study where a group of women with fatigue and who had NORMAL B12 levels were told to take as much B12 as they needed in order to feel an optimal level of fatigue reduction. The AVERAGE dose the women took was 10 mg (10,000 mcg).

Another study took patients with ALS and gave them 60 mg (60,000 mcg) per day for several months with no ill effects. While the studies did not check B12 levels on these high doses, we can presume they were high. So, considering these doses were determined both safe and beneficial to the study participants, we can conclude that high B12 levels when on the supplements are meaningless.

Kerri Knox, RN

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