Melatonin vs Zolpidem

by Tom
(NW Ind. USA )

My dr took me off of Zolpidem 5mg (Ambien) and replaced it with Melatonin 3mg. The Melatonin puts me to sleep rather quickly, but also seems to wear off in a couple of hours.

I am wondering about a period of time to acclimate to the melatonin. I asked her about taking both and she said she would prefer to try without the Zolpidem but if I wake up and can't go back to sleep to take one.

I had an endemic stroke a few years ago that left my right side less responive to physical stimuli, and she thinks this may have interrupted my sleep patterns.

I was taking the Zolpidem for a couple of years, first at 10mg, which left me loopy, and then she dropped me to 5mg. I only slept two hours last night, then laid awake the rest of the night. I have only taken the Melatonin for three or four days, once combined with the Zolpidem,which put me out like a light, but left me feeling groggy in the am.

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