MCV is 108

by Morgan

MCV count is 108. Looking at my past blood counts it has always been in the normal range (80-90). I have surfacing veins everywhere (chest, arms, legs, hands, feet, and now they're under my eye, I can see them and now you can see where they're starting from, my hairline). Other symptoms are my hair is thinning, my bowels are loose, I wake up from 3 on, several times to urinate, my left hand tingles and arm is a little numb. It started in my trapezius, so I was thinking that I had pinched a nerve. But it is not going away. I've had these symptoms for almost 4 months. I started taking B12 (1000mg) and a B complex. The B12 is chewable. And now I realize that the best way for a B12 is through the mucous membrane so I've ordered a tincture that also includes folate. I'm hoping this will help me with my symptoms, I'm wondering if this is enough B12 since I do have the symptoms of some sort of a vitamin deficiency. I've been to a vein doctor and an endocrine doctor and 2an pc doctor s for the second one told me that it was stress related, and the urinating several times nightly, she said that was a bladder control issue. I'm so infuriated (and angry) with the doctors I've had seen.

They have such an opportunity to use all of what western medicine has laid at their fingertips, and it seems they're not using that. And I'm trying to solve my own symptoms, it seems that I've been left in the cold. I'm grasping at straws here. I'm probably as learned (or maybe moreso) than these doctors I've been seeing. Hoping this helps someone else. Anyone want to chime in in the dosage question. Is it enough to help me? I know B vitamins are water soluble, so I'm not that much in danger of it being too much. But I do not want to take to much. I want to take enough to reach my symptoms.

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B12 Malabsorption
by: Kerri Knox, RN - The Immune Queen

Please see my page on:

B12 Malabsorption and the page on Gluten Sensitivity. I think this will help to elucidate some of your issues.

Kerri Knox, RN

MCV is at 104
by: Megan

Did the B12 help at all? I have exact same symptoms with the tingling in arm and hand, my mcv is 104. I don't feel great and am having spasming in my pelvic area.

Perhaps I can help......
by: Danielle

I've been like this for 10 started when I collapsed in the middle of the night.....It's a BLOODY long story so I'll save you the 'pain' of listening to it. I'm actually dying now, I have around 2 months left......and it's all down to incompetent doctors......and I married (and 12 years later divorced one!).....

My B12 levels have always been Ferritin levels are high but my folate and magnesium are VERY low......In fact.....the only NORMAL result I had was my B12. My MCV levels are 104........and I now have severe muscle wastage.

I contracted Coeliac 15 years ago.....but I've never proved positive for the blood test and the doctor in Houston took the wrong bloody biopsy so it has never been 'proven'. The idea of making myself THAT sick again for the doctors to 'prove' something I already knew seemed pointless.

I believe on that day 10 years ago that I damaged my spinal cord and I now have peripheral neuropathy. It's been working through my body for years shutting down various organs.

For what it's worth.....these are my findings......take SHIT-LOADS of magnesium, in liquid form preferably, take fish oils (YUCK but necessary), take brewers yeast for the B vitamins, Vitamin D supplements, Calcium supplements, Melatonin for those of you who tremor.....wear a small nicotine patch for those who have constant diarrhoea and weight loss. Go gluten free if you are not.

For those with CFS order Modalert on the your own research as it is a drug intended for Narcolepsy....... It changed my life.....

Try taking FRESH colostrum......Kirkman Labs sells it.......cured my son's severe autism so worth a whirl!

Read LOTS of medical papers on the internet......and veterinary papers.....surprisingly they are more up to date than human doctors. Take your medical care into YOUR OWN HANDS! Never trust a doctor 100%......after all.....they mainly deal on hunches and rarely listen to a word you say anyway!

And beyond that.....laugh, love and don't sweat the small stuff.......Housework can wait......assholes can fuck off- you don't need them in your life. Spend time with those you love and time with yourself to just be quiet and reflect.

Good luck to you all.....and you never know.....maybe some of my advice will help some of you.

mvc 106 i feel like i am dying
by: nikki

Im the same as u and fed up depressed macrocytic anaemia possibly tabs at the moment 150 micrograms a day no good docs seem baffled in a lot of pain all over my body don't know whether to go for the B 12 injections or not.

Please read about Vitamin B12 Treatment
by: Kerri Knox, RN The Immune System Queen

Please read my page on Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment page to see why 150 mcg of Vitamin B12 is a ridciulously small amount that will be unlikely to make you feel better.

It might take 10,000 mcg sublingual, or even double that each day to make you feel better if you have Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: If you appreciate the free help that I give on my site, please consider making your next supplement purchase through my Health Store in order to help keep this site in operation.

by: mike laginess

my MCV Blood Test is 104 high for the first time i am 70 yrs old non smoker -drinker my doctor seems concernded but said wait might be a small fluke i am normal in kidney and liver and folic - b-12 should i take bone marrow teat now or wait i am really tired latley and have facial fatigue syndrome in my legs
i take lyrica and cymbalta plus plavix and a multi-vit my rbc was 3.78 hgb 13.6 hct 39.3 mch 35.8 any thoughts about whether i have a problem??

Yes, you should be concerned
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Yes, you should be concerned about an elevated MCV level. Please read the thread as that will tell you what your next step should be to find out what the problem is.

B12 injections..........
by: Danielle

I've just read back my comments from last's amazing how positive you can be when you are in love! My boyfriend left me 6 weeks after the Pulmonary Embolism when it was apparent I wasn't going to die imminently! Nice guy huh?

I've just come off a 10 day course of B12 injections- they made me feel less tired for about 10-12 hours after taking them then I was back to square one. My pain has finally been properly managed, I take high doses of Morphine and Maxitram and Valium at night to relax my muscles as they cease. I had precisely 3 weeks of two hours a day where I didn't have to be in bed and I could actually DO what I liked- within the limitations of my body- but it was a much needed freedom. Then the tiredness swept over me. It's not CFS and I take the maximum dose for that. It is so over-whelming I feel like I can not breath sometimes. On Monday night I went to bed at 7.30pm and with only the odd stirring, I woke up today, Wednesday at 9am and that's just because someone woke me up.
My last blood tests showed alack in just about everything possible. Not enough red blood cells of any type, not enough white cells, not enough salt, folic acid, iron, magnesium- I was even low on urea! I have dreadful night sweats and my pee and sweat smell of ketones- and my hormone levels are the one thing that are normal.
I have another PE in my left lung, but despite telling over 50 doctors, not one has been interested- despite the fact that the one in my right lung followed the same pattern and was the size of a tennis ball.
I was in hospital 6 weeks ago for kidney failure. I was given 18 bags of fluid as my blood pressure was so low but my heart rate was so high..........the consultant (after 4 days of being in hospital) looked at me straight faced and told me there was nothing wrong with me and I just had low blood pressure because I was thin (like THAT'S a choice!). The fact that I was peeing blood didn't phase him at all. He told me to go home. His junior doctors came over to me shortly afterwards telling me that they were getting the pain team to see me (whom I had already called and were NOT on their way)........I told the junior doctors this and said I was going home. They actually made me sign papers to say I was discharging myself against medical advice!

My body continues to decline.........I have lost any life that I had and all but one of my friends. I have 2 children who are 16 and 17- when they leave home- if I make it that far, then what? I have given up with doctors- or rather, they gave up with me a LONG time ago and the only future I have is to get sicker.
I no longer have the concentration to study medical papers.....and the only thing I know for certain is, I just don't know. I DO know I am not depressed- before I cried because I was in such unbearable pain- then as I said, for a few brief weeks- I had my two hours a day. Now I cry for what I have just lost, that tiny piece of freedom.

When I was 'normal' I had Celiac and exercise endued asthma- but I still ran 10 miles a day.

It all started with a fall in the middle of the Nigeria 11 1/2 years ago. I woke up the next day with a left sided weakness and MS-type symptoms- all of which I still have. On top of that, I have CFS, damage to one side of my heart leaving me tachycardic, a 'leaking' valve, lyphocytic colitis, gastroparesis, kidney issues, swollen joints, only half a lung due to the pulmonary embolism last year and the new PE in the other lung that only my local doctor believes me about.

If ANYONE out there has ANY ideas on what could be going on.........I would be sincerely grateful for their feedback. I am SO done with just existing. I can be the most positive person in the world- but I have little to be positive about. My kids love me- but I am dragging them through hell making them watch me slowly die. When I asked them what positive things I had in my life, they replied, your cats love you and you're good at DIY- oh wait- you can't do that any more.

So any pearls of wisdom, any feedback.........ANY ideas on what it could be......Please let me know. I don't actually WANT to die but I can not carry on merely existing- it is too devastating for a woman like me with so much to offer life.

Many thanks,


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