HI I moved to India, about 7 months ago to take on a new job. At the time as a family we were under considerable stress settling the family in, I myself noticed that I was extremely fatigued, and put it down to the long hours in the office, adjustment to a new climate and so on. A while ago, I noticed my memory was really bad, an instance where soemone came into a meeting room and I coudldnt remember meeting them the day or so before. Other things, like watching my family charge around at weekends and everything was such an effort for me. I noticed a lump in my throat so went to the local doctor, he arranged blood tests, her you collect your results yourself and go back to see the doctor. I collected the results but never went back. At the time the results showed my MCH was 32.6*, my MCV 32.6, and my RDW 15.0*. I googled !! and came to the conclusion from poor life style, lack of any protein, increased consumption of alcohol, couple of G&T's each night, and maybe more at weekends, but never so I wasnt in control then it must all be self inflicted. In addition, I suffer alot with abscus in my gums, something I have always been prone to when run down and this had increased. In addition, the doctor check Thyriod we have a history with my mother and grandmother, but I am unable to understand the results,

FT3 = 2.90,
FTE 4= .74,
TSH, 3.22, there is an adult range, being,
FT3 = 2.5 - 3.9
FTE4 .61 - .1.12
TSH .35 - 5.

For two weeks, I have changed my diet, and am on a complete detox but still feel no better, I am taking extra B12, Folic acid, completey cut out alchol out of my diet, but dont feel any better, I have a terrible pain in my head, and my chest things like there is a great weight on it, the fatigue has shifted maybe 5% but not greatly.
Can I please have advise on the above, thanks


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by: Kerri Knox, RN

While I'm not an expert on thyroid issues, it almost certainly looks like you almost certainly have some level of hypothyroid. The fact that you are being tested so in depth into these thyroid levels (most doctors don't do such extensive thyroid testing as they are doing on you) means that they probably suspect thyroid issues.

You should just follow up and get an appointment with an endocrinologist, preferably one who specializes in thyroid health.

Make sure that they also check your thyroid autoantibodies to make sure that your thyroid issues are not due to an autoimmune condition. Something doctors sometimes don't forget to do.

Kerri Knox, RN

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