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Kidney disease and magnesium
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Frank,

First of all, lets make sure that we are talking about the same thing. When I say 'kidney disease', I mean 'kidney failure'. The person with kidney problems WILL have a nephrologist and will know that they have kidney problems. Some people call me panicked and ask if they might have kidney disease and not know it and how would they know. No. You KNOW that you have kidney disease because you have been EXTREMELY sick, you've been diagnosed and you have a nephrologist- or at least have had one in the past.

If it is something like kidney stones and/or the person does not have a nephrologist, then they do not have kidney disease.

Next, I never said that someone should NOT supplement if they have kidney disease. My 'rule' is that if you have a nephrologist, then you MUST get the OK to supplement and how much you should supplement from your nephrologist.

Kidney patients get supplemented all the time, but it's under VERY controlled conditions where their levels are closely monitored and they are given small amounts under the supervision of their doctor who prescribes it based on their levels, symptoms, next dialysis, etc.

The reason why someone with kidney disease should not supplement on their own is that magnesium is water soluble. If you can't get rid of the magnesium, then you can overdose EASILY which can even lead to death.

While this is RARE in someone without kidney disease, in someone with kidney disease they could end up in the hospital with just the daily dose for someone without kidney disease.

I suspect that if you are asking this question that you DON'T have kidney disease or you would understand the complex nature of taking anything into your body and not being able to get rid of it- which makes me curious why you are asking if you don't have kidney disease...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
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What about...
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have had kidney failure but have had that kidney taken out two years ago. I have a specialist doctor that I have to see once a year. He said my remaining kidney is functioning normal and has grown bigger to accommodate. I want to try taking a low magnesium supplement ( maybe rub in magnesium oil) to try and combat some long standing anxiety issues ( that I'm also on medication for).

Does this sound like a massive deal and I have to go talk to a mass of doctors about it and make hospital appointments for it (remember the anxiety) or can I just rub some oil in my feet and see how I feel?


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