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by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please ask your pharmacist to clarify HIS position, because it's utter nonsense and he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Here is a study of a person who couldn't bring their vitamin d level up until their vitamin d deficiency was corrected:


Here's another study of people with Vitamin D Deficiency who had a 'blunted' parathyroid hormone response that was induced by magnesium deficiency:

Vitamin D insufficiency and the blunted PTH response in established osteoporosis: the role of magnesium deficiency

Those of us who actually WORK with people with vitamin d deficiency absolutely see it every day that taking magnesium with the vitamin D prevents MANY of the side effects of vitamin d and does NOT 'block' the vitamin D- as evidenced by Vitamin D levels rising completely normally in the people that I counsel to take magnesium with their vitamin d.

In fact, Dr. Cannell of the Vitamin D Council - who actually works with patients on a daily basis and every one of his patients is on vitamin d, actually created his own formulation of Vitamin D that has a high dose of magnesium for just the reasons that I mentioned.

Your pharmacist is spouting utter and total nonsense and should NOT be telling patients this ridiculous untruth and confusing people and contributing to MORE vitamin d side effects than necessary.

Ughh. This makes me mad.

If you give me his name and the pharmacy where he works, I will happily call him and correct his error so that he doesn't cause more damage in people...

BY the way, if you are getting your vitamin d from a pharmacist then you are getting the WRONG kind. Please read my page on Prescription Vitamin D

Kerri I love you!!
by: Liz

I have loved this website for so long! Just read where you were like "give me his damn number and I'll call him!" That's awesome lol! I agree he's grossly misinformed. I took 150,000iu of vitamin D in two and a half weeks because I kept hearing how amazing vitamin D is. Well it is. In moderation. So I've hit the 50% half life now and still struggling with insomnia etc. Luckily I bought Jigsaw Magnesium and I've been on it for about a week and things are changing! Anxiety and depression have greatly lifted. Unfortunately I feel like the insomnia will be the last to go. I started three days into the vitamin D and I'm still struggling. Any advice on how I can fix this faster?? I also quit smoking and drinking and coffee and anything else that was perpetuating more magnesium loss this last week!

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