Lumps caused by gluten intolerance

by Ashley
(Arkansas, US)

Can a gluten intolerance cause lumps under the skin? I have several of them on my legs. They are red, sometimes hot like an infection and sometimes painful. My doctor had me do a round of antibiotics and steroids, with no luck.

They did make them smaller for a while, but they came back. I recently found out that I have a gluten intolerance. I have noticed that the less bread and wheat products I eat the smaller they get. So is it in fact the gluten intolerance causing this or is it something else?


Hi Ashley,

You just told me what they were. You say that the less gluten that you eat, the smaller they get, so whatever is causing them, you are proving the experiment to yourself.

It sounds like you need to stay off of gluten and get rid of those things.

And it is TOTALLY inappropriate for your doctor to be giving you antibiotics for something that he has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA whether it is even an infection or not!!

Take a look at the potential Antibiotic Side Effects to see why it is simply NOT a good idea to permanently disrupt the normal flora of your bowels and mucous membranes and - if the antibiotics that he gave you were Quinolone Antibiotics- you risk permanent connective tissue damage and tendon rupture just to try to get rid of some lumps on your legs that get smaller and smaller when you go off of gluten.

AND one of the risk factors for an INCREASED potential for connective tissue damage from the Quinolone Antibiotics is when you take steroids at the same time! Yipes!!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Comments for Lumps caused by gluten intolerance

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by: Anonymous

Gluten appears to be the cause of the lumps in my body. I quit gluten 1.25 yrs. ago and the lumps are now so small I can scarcely believe it. They are also not sore and painful and inflamed.

I don't know if they will completely disappear but at this point having them nearly disappear and not be painful is very comforting. I wonder what else has rectified in my body that I cannot palpitate.

It is worth the effort to quit this one substance that no human body can adequately absorb and tolerate I believe.

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