Low Potassium Causes High Blood Pressure

by Cecilia
(New York)

My symptoms: Intermittent high blood pressure

Slow heart rate
palpitations (PVCs)
After several blood tests showed low K+ levels and I reviewed earlier test results that were not flagged as low K+ yet still found them to show borderline K+ levels, I was prescribed K+ supplements. Cardiologist had been poisoning me with meds and calling me neurotic, suggesting no coffee or stress would help. He never tested my electrolyte levels the summer I wore a heart monitor for severe palpitations and bradycardia.
My primary provider prescribed K+ 10meq 3x daily. My blood pressure stays below 130/80 as long as I rememeber to take the K+. The only BP med I now take is the 5mg Ziac that I have taken for 15 years--same dose. No more palpitations. I have plenty of stress and drink at least a cup of coffee/day. Potassium studies do show a beneficial cardiovascular effect. It was shown to keep vessels flexible and lower the BP.
My husband suffered from tinnitus many years ago. I suggested a multiple vitamin and within 3 days he was fully cured. Which vitamin deficiency causes tinnitus? Kerri's note: Magnesium. The same deficiency that is causing you to have low potassium. So both you AND your husband have low magnesium. In other words, you have low POTASSIUM levels because you have low magnesium levels too. You could raise BOTH your magnesium and potassium levels simply by taking ONLY magnesium.

You are so right about nutritional aspects of most maladies. I believe our population suffers from low iodine(due to salt restricted diets)--this causes thyroid deficiencies that contribute to high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, depression and heart disease. A domino effect of epidemic proportions, all linked to nutrition. Has this iodine theory been researched? Most of my educated intuitions (an oxymoron?!) prove correct, sooner or later.

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