Low Methymalonic Acid

by Michelle
(San Clemente)

I keep reading about high MMA, but my MMA is low 75 (lab range 87-318). 2 years ago my B12 was 1,100 and 3 months ago it was 451. I take 2,400 mcg sublingual of B12. What does a low methymalonic acid level mean?

Thank you!

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Low Methylmalonic Acid
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

A low methylmalonic acid means that you have normal B12 levels, or you are taking Vitamin B12. It's meaningless and to continue taking MMA tests when you are on B12, and is a waste of time and money. Not sure why your doctor would be doing repeat MMA tests when you are on Vitamin B12. There's just no reason for it.

Kerri Knox, RN

Low Methylmalonic acid
by: Anonymous

Why would a person have a low MMA blood level and low B12 levels accompanied by extreme muscle weakness and neurological problems? If too much MMA effects the body, what would a level of 40 indicate?

by: Michael Volz MD

A low MMA does NOT mean you have normal B12 levels. While it is true that a HIGH MMA is consistent with B12 deficiency, that does NOT mean if MMA is low you don't need to worry about B12. I have seen a combination of a low B12 and low MMA in a few patients. The B12 MUST be treated. Unless the MMA is high, measuring MMA without a Vitamin B12 Level is of no benefit.

Low MMA number is OK
by: NOT Dr Google

Measuring MMA in serum helps clinical diagnosis by indicating B12 treatment is working (or not). The test is ordered twice several months apart. A lowering MMA trend means B12 supplements taken in-between are making it into the blood serum. An increasing trend indicates B12 deficiency is not improving and further treatment is required.

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