Liquid vitamin d capsules

Is it safe to remove the capsule from 50000 ui vitamin d2 and swallow the liquid from a spoon? I do not want to take gelatin capsule.

Thank you for the information.

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Don't suggest Vitamin D2 at all
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

I don't suggest vitamin d2 at ALL, so why would I suggest taking it out of the capsules and taking it? Please read my page on Vitamin D Therapy to properly treat your vitamin D deficiency.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

liquid vitamin d2
by: Anonymous

thank you for your comment. My doctor prescribed it to me it was not my decision. I am vegan and the gelatin in the capsules bothers me. I already have these capsules and try to find a way to use them without any harm. Vitamin d2 vs d3 is not my concern right now.

Vitamin D3 vs vitamin d2 ShOULD be your concern
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Vitamin D2 vs Vitamin D3 SHOULD be your concern since D3 is what provides disease protection. Not sure how you decided that using up worthless synthetic medicine is more important than disease protection, but it's your body. I can only give you information and research to back it up.

Good luck.

Kerri Knox, RN

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