levquin toxicity-misdiagnosis of als/speech issues

Hi,my name is Allison . I have had taken levaquin/cipro/avelox is the past with no side effects.

I took 1 week-500mg is November 2011-uti, another 1 week in december for sinus/upper resp infection and was given another dose as of feb 8,2012 by my doctor. I developed muscle/tendonitis issues in left arm/shoulder/hand. Slurred speech after December 2011 dose. Saw dr in February who sent me for MRI's head/cervical, neurologist for emg/eegs due to weakness twitching. Neurologists cant find any medical tests confirming ALS however one thinks I may have suffered lacunar infarct. In PT/speech for past two weeks-making progress. Any other patients with similar symptoms? Buying supplements today. My vitamin D level 27 as of 2-8-12.Thank you for your e book.

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Neurologic problems are common
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Allison,

Neurologic problems are common with Levaquin Toxicity. Everyone's symptoms will be different, so it's unlikely that you are going to find someone who is experiencing exactly the symptoms that you are- that does not mean that your symptoms are not due to Levaquin Toxicity.

And that's GREAT that no one wants to give you a diagnosis, because once they do, then your brain tends to believe that you have the 'incurable' disease that they tell you that you have and it's harder to get better. Without a diagnosis of an incurable disease, then you have no reason to believe that you can't get better.

In either case, even if you DID have ALS, you can still get better, but with a diagnosis, you get brainwashed into believing the untruths that western medicine tells you. So, thank your lucky stars no one has told you that you can't get better!

So, with neurologic symptoms, make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you are following the dietary recommendations carefully, and be sure to read the 'toxicity' handout regarding neurologic problems and get on the high dose Methylcobalamin B12 that is recommended in that section.

Kerri Knox, RN

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