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I recently read your impressive "The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution" while visiting my daughter who developed tendonitis as a result of taking Cipro. She has endured considerable pain, has expended a substantial amount of money and has been unable to effectively work at her business because of the crippling effects of the tendonitis.

Could you please let me know of any attorneys or groups that we might contact in order to join in a class action suit against the Cipro manufacturer.

Thank you,

Bob Doyle

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Not my area of expertise.
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Bob,

I'm so sorry about your daughter and I hope that she is following the protocol and getting some relief.

However, the legal aspects of this are not my area of expertise, so your best bet is just to Google "Cipro Class Action Lawsuit" and/or "Levaquin Class Action Lawsuit".

If you don't find any help with that and/or you she doesn't qualify for the suit, you can contact Legal Mathc. Use the LegalMatch Priority Service to Find Pre-screened Lawyers in Your Area Now!.

Just fill out their form and they'll check for an appropriate malpractice laywer in your area. But otherwise, I'm not involved in the legal aspect of it other than to know that without an Achilles Tendon rupture, you are unlikely to have a case since no one is acknowledging any other damage, toxicity, emotional or pain issues as a result of Cipro.

I wish you much luck in that endeavor and would be interested in learning how that search goes for you...

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