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Thank you.
by: Lynn

This is only "thanks" for the answer, so now I won't waste time or money, looking for a Lanolin based lotion as a way of getting more vitamin D into my system. I just thought that it would be a good way, since the skin is the largest organ that the body has and it would be a more "direct" way to absorb, just like the sunshine.

Thank you, again.

Rubbing Vitamin D Oil on Skin - did it work?
by: Anonymous

Hi Kerri,

You mentioned you were going to try rubbing vitamin D oil on your skin to see if it raised or kept up your D levels.

I think I got my D levels up last summer with supplementing (20,000 - 30,000 IUs per day) and lying in the sun, but now I think they are low again because it's winter and I went down to 10,000 IUs per day after a few months.

I really need something that will get them back up. I'm thinking if my digestion/absorption is poor (I have lots of internal issues that I have been working on over the years), then maybe I should try the skin thing.

I am also going to buy a SAD light asap and will hopefully get a vitamin D light (not for tanning, just for the vitamin D aspect) such as the Sperti or the Dr. Wellness. Do you have any recommendations?

This is such a great site, I've recommended you to everyone I know.

Thank you,


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