Is Vitamin K2 necessary to take with vitamin D

by Jan
(Seaside, CA)

Hello. My functional medicine practioner says that it is critically important to take vitamin K2 with Vitamin D for best results. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you.

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critically important
by: Kerri Knox, RN

It's critically important to GET K2 throughout life, and particularly important to get K2 when you take Vitamin D, as K2 is a 'cofactor' of vitamin D that can exacerbate health issues if you are insufficient while taking Vitamin D.

So, if you are sure that you are GETTING sufficient vitamin K2 in your diet, then there is no need to TAKE Vitamin K2. Personally, I take 1 mg of K2 in the form of meniquinone every day, because I don't eat aged cheese or natto most days, and I would love to have strong bones and healthy coronary arteries for my entire life.

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Vitamin D and K with iodine
by: Maggie

Hi Kerri -

I am magnesium deficient and took your advice and bought capsules with a combination of vitamins D and K with sea iodine. One capsule contains 5000 IUs of D; 2100 mcgs of K; and 1000 mcgs of iodine. This seems like a HUGE amount of iodine (667% of the daily value!). Should I be concerned about taking this amount of iodine - especially if I am taking several of these capsules per day?


You need iodine
by: Kerri Knox

You need iodine, and this is not a huge amount even though it seems like it. You're not going to be taking any more than 2 capsules a day at the most, and only temporarily, then you'll be dropping back to one a day. This is not a large amount of iodine and the extra amount that you'll get while you're taking two capsules a day will catch you up on your almost certainly a deficient state of iodine.

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