Is h pylori life long without treatment?

by mary
(mount pleasant, MI)

When i was 21 i had a boyfriend in South America. I lived there maybe 2-3 years total over 10 years. I never had symptoms of h pylori and never even knew what is was until recently.

I got tested a few months back with the blood test and also biospy...both were negative. I did this because my dad just passed away from stomach cancer and many websites said to test for it if first degree relatives develops stomach cancer.

Ive lived with my parents most of my life. I would like to know if h pylori just sponteously cleared from me or once infected would it have stayed with me for decades? Im pretty sure i never even contracted it in the first place but would like to ask for your advice. Thank You

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by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

I'm confused about what living with a boyfriend in South America has to do with anything or what 'advice' you might need.

If you're negative, you are negative.

It's unlikely that you ever had it. It rarely, if ever, clears spontaneously. I'm not sure why it's an important question if you've had it before when you are negative now. Since there is nothing for you to do about being negative, there is no advice to be given.

H pylori life long
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the response. Well I just was a little worried maybe around 10-12 years ago I picked h pylori up from either my boyfriend or just living in South America since it's even more common there than in USA.

I was concerned maybe I gave it to my dad and somehow resulted in his cancer. He was older than 60 and everything online says that the older generations 1 of every 2 people have it even in the USA.

So I guess I better stop worrying!

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