Is B12 Deficiency Related to Vertigo?

by Laurel
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

My B12 level is 200. For many years, I have experience fibromyalgia, psoriasis on my scalp, hair loss, and back pain. Most recently, I was diagnosed with GI bacterial overgrowth (and have IBS).

However, for the last 12 months, I have been experiencing Vertigo, especially when I get a sinus infection, that last longer each time I get it. Usually about 3 weeks. Is there a correlation between low B12 and Vertigo?

Hoping the combination of both will help me improve because I have missed out so much in life because of my back pain, and now adding Vertigo to this is the worst.


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Resolve your deficiency and find out
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Why not just resolve your deficiency and find out if the vertigo goes away? You are quite severely deficient in vitamin B12, so resolve your deficiency. If your vertigo goes away, voila, you have found out for yourself what the cause of your vertigo is.

To play the 'devil's advocate' so to speak, there are many causes of vertigo, and lets say that I found absolutely clear research saying that vitamin B12 deficiency was correlated to vertigo... but your vertigo did not go away when you resolved your Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Would that help you that I found all of that research? Nope, because that there might be a connection is worthless to you if it doesn't go away.

Also on the devil's advocate side, what if there is no research, and I told you this, but your vertigo went away with correcting your B12? Obviously, it will have been correlated for YOU, and that is all that is important to you, right?

So, find out if it is for you. Any research that I might provide you is meaningless. Correct your deficiency and find out for yourself. You are going to correct your deficiency anyway, aren't you?

Vertigo and Memory Problems due to B12 deficiency?
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed through a blood test of low B12. Before taking a supplement, I researched and found what I now believe was the proper supplement, and my B12 is in the high side of normal. I've had many bouts of Vertigo. I have not had once since my B12 improvement, but it's odd that my vertigo symptoms have recently disappeared. Coincidence? Also, I noticed mild cognitive decline in the last year especially, and am wondering if the B-12 deficiency has anything to do with it. It seems that there is not enough studies, etc., on cognitive issues related to deficiencies. I'm not sure if a B-12 deficiency would've set me back regarding my cognitive decline, but I am journaling my cognitive behaviors and hope that IF the B-12 had anything to do with it, that my cognitive decline may not slide further.

That is my hope, but I am not putting all of my eggs in the B-12 basket. I have recently ordered a high quality fish oil that I now take on a daily basis, and my order will be re-filled when I am ready to run out. There may be something to this B-12 along with other possibilities (other than genetic links...which I don't have), so I am researching all possibilities.

Yes vertigo gone because of these vitamins
by: Anonymous

I have been taking B-12 and b-6 for my vertigo and 1000 mg of folate acid. I had a stroke two years ago amnd started taking these to help recover from my stroke. In the mean time I discovered they work well for vertigo too, and since for many years I have had a cronic case, I notinced 19 months later, all of a sudden my vertigo was gone. Stayed that way for the last three months until my doctor said I needed to back off some on the folate acid. Well, after taking her advice and taking only 3000 mg of the folate, my vertigo came back and it angered me, so I started back to 1000 mg a day again. Slight notice so far, but still vertigo . I am hoping that it will soon fade away as it did for that time frame. I believe had I not listened to her, I would not be having this talk today! The folate allows oxygen to flow better to my brain making new red blood cells that I think helped me get over my stroke and not have cognitive difficulties. I am very health because of these vitamins. These were the main vitamins suggested to me to help recover from my stroke, and i believe they all have helped with my vertigo.

Dixxyness returned since b12,b6 and folic after two years, WHY?
by: Anonymous

One of your comments I read about taking vertigo and b12 and b6 after a stroke two years ago, and how the doctors said to back off on the folic acid and how the dizziness returned after reducing the B9, folic, etc... sounds exactly what I went through and it may have even been one of my past comments here that you listed.

How ever I find that some of the wording has been changed somewhat, but 95% sure I shared this experience. Anyways, to get to the point here as to why I am commenting is, since all of this, I lowered my folic to 400mg a day and stayed with the B12 1000 mg and b6. One week ago I experienced three days of light dizziness and one spin episode in bed.

This puzzled me and scared me a bit. Then just last night as I turned my head to the right slowly, it felt like a ton of bricks hit me and the spin was wild and very scary. Nauseous sat in and I became very disappointed. I am trying to find out why I started spinning since I have had no spinning in a very long time since my stroke from two years ago.

I am wondering if I should raise my folic acid back to the 1000 mg I was taking before when the doctor said it was too high! You have to have a balance between the two and I am not sure if I need more B12 or raise just the folic some. B12, 1000mg is the recommended dose.

I also read that a person can have a low vitamin D level too! I take 70,000 units a week, so that can't be the reason. I spin at bedtime only, thus far and has always been that way. I have positional vertigo! Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Anyone out there have an answer! Plus I am Diabetic two and I check my sugar daily. Doesn't seem to be that at all.

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