is a dose of 6000iu daily for a month safe?

by jennie underhill
(Surrey, UK)

In a recent blood test my vitamin D levels were 18. I have been put on lamberts vit D 1000iu, 3 tabs twice a day, amounting to 6,000 a day ONLY for one month, then they will retest my blood after 12 weeks. I was told that Surrey medical people were using this "off licence" at this dose for people deficent in vit D.

I have been on these for 3 weeks but have not noticed much change in my tiredness levels. I see from the internet that the maximum dose should be 4,000 so I am slightly worrying that 6,000 is dangerous?

Could you comment on this plus whether I should be feeling less tired by now?


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Please read my website
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


Please actually read my website. I've discussed this on LITERALLY over 1000 threads, and in order to have posted this question, you quite literally had to pass over and completely ignore the answer to your question.

So, please look on my site and do some research. You WILL find the answer if you start looking. And you will likely learn a few things while you are reading. In addition, the research that you did elsewhere is either junk or you misinterpreted what they were saying. NO WHERE does it say that 4000 IU's is a 'maximum' dose of vitamin d or that 6000 IU's per day is an 'off label' dosage.

Kerri Knox, RN

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