I Used to Be a Gluten Disbeliever

by S.S.

As for the gluten issues... I was a total disbeliever thinking I've lived on white flour for my entire life and I have NO problems from it. No stomach issues, no headaches, no nothing. After starting to understand my health a little more, I finally decided to give an elimination diet and test a try. I felt a little better the next 2 weeks and then I ate wheat all day.

I woke the next morning in the worst pain I've felt since starting the floxing ordeal!! But, it couldn't be gluten... there must have been another reason. I went through this process 3 times and what I finally decided was I was operating at 50% before. In a state of constant illness, but that was my norm, so it felt normal to me. Now that I've been off of gluten for nearly 6 months, I'm realizing how much better I can feel. I even gave my boys the test and my 13 yr old who often has headaches has been free of headaches since removing gluten (except of course on the days he's cheated... and he's learning it's not worth it). I even got to what I'd say was 100% better from the floxing. I'm in a down-cycle right now and have a feeling the little (maybe 3 bites) of cheating with gluten I did this summer may have set off a cascade of problems and it's going to be a few months to get back to feeling good again.

I know how frustrating this is. I've turned our lives upside down changing our diet. But, the more I research the more I believe Kerri & Josh that gluten free is really where we need to be.

What I'd suggest is giving it the good ole college try for at least 2 weeks and then eat all the wheat you want one day (bread, pasta, cookies, etc) and see how you feel the next day. But, when you try the test day, make sure you can be in bed the next day... I didn't climb out until noon when my hubby convinced me I couldn't stay there any longer.

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Painful Rls cured with gluten free diet
by: Ron

For years I struggled with painful RLS that progressively got worse. I am now 54 years old. I took ropinrole and pain killers for years to help nothing worked anymore. The rls was out of control. To make a long story short, with the encouragement of my family, I went gluten free. I want to tell you that in one day the pain was gone. Gluten was the culprit all these years and I had no clue. Doctors never even mentioned that gluten could be the problem. If you struggle with rls try gluten free.

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