I Cured Atrial Fibrillation With Minerals

by Larry

About 8 years ago, I began to experience atrial fibrillation. I have had it in momentary spells never lasting more than an hour in duration at lengthy intervals spanning years since I was 16 but this time it persisted for two weeks.

After the first four or five days I realized that it was not going to subside by itself. I can't prove it but it seems that I can effect fibrillation in myself by relaxing. Not this time. I hit the internet. At the time the consensus clearly indicated that except for an experimental surgery severing some micro nerve in the neck preformed only once in Canada,there was no cure for Atrial Fibrillation.

A lifetime of digoxin and Coumadin was (and still may be)the "Treatment de Jour". I don't fancy that idea much so I decided to slow down and take an inventory to find the reason for the sudden onset.

Bottom line is that I was on hydrochlorathazide and linisopril for hypertension and drank huge amounts of coffee. I figured that all of my essential minerals had been urinated out. They had been depleted to dangerous levels and I was lucky that this was the only disease that manifested. I took some liquid minerals and my heart reset itself on the THIRD NIGHT!

Feels good to be right!

When I told my Doctor how I cured atrial fibrillation she just about crapped herself she was so pissed. I thought that she might congratulate me and tell me why it worked so well but she was livid!

She wanted me to immediately admit me to the hospital.
I reminded her that I had no symptoms. Then she insisted that I wear a halter monitor for a week. She scolded me and said that I had risked stroke. I informed her that I already thought of that and had taken 10 aspirin a day to thin my blood. She just got more and more irrational and kept insisting on getting me caught up in a web of medical procedures and drugs therapies so I fired her and walked out.

About 6 years later I made an appointment with a different Doctor at the same clinic. The very first question the Doctor asked me was if I ever had thoughts of suicide. "What"? "No, not really" Ever hear voices? "No, if I did I wouldn't tell you. But no I absolutely don't". I was beginning to get a little perturbed when the door opened and in walked a whole team of people with a EKG machine! "Please take off your shirt". "This will only take a minute ". Well they were very surprised when the results were normal. The Doctor shook her head and gave me a new prescription for my BP medications.

That's all I wanted in the first place. Later on I figured out what happened. My formerly fired Doctor payed me back by putting down in my charts that I must be a lunatic because I had claimed to have completely cured atrial fibrillation myself!

So they gave me a Psych evaluation and EKG! I guess my question is this: "Why is it so hard for doctors to believe that simple vitamins and minerals can cure disease?"

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I hear you....
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Larry,

I soooo hear what you are saying. And while I can understand doctors being sceptical of 'anecdotal reports' of natural strategies that have worked, they seem to convieniently not see the actual RESEARCH either.

Even when that research is high quality. For instance, I showed a doctor at the hospital that I was working at a METANALYSIS of several different studies showing that taking vitamin d shows an improvement in 'all cause mortality'- which is the 'holy grail' of health claims.

But the first thing that he looked at was that the study was published in the 'Alternative Medicine Review', an alt medicine publication. Therefore, he dismissed it out of hand- as if those 8 studies didn't exist!

Uggh. It's enough to drive you crazy- no pun intended! But it certainly is stooping to a new low to put in your chart that you are crazy because you don't agree with your doctor and prefer no further medical care when you have actually got better and have no further symptoms!

Thanks for sharing your story!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

Atrial fib cure
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem for years before I discovered good nutrition and the right supplements.

I do have a treatment for those who suffer from Atrial Fibrillation but have been unable to fix it yet.

When I started an episode I would drink a large glass of ice cold water and then lie down. The cold water going to my heart seemed to have a relaxing effect which stopped the AF.

As far as your MD is concerned. This is a more common problem than many think. They are very threatened by the internet and alternative treatments. I also had a MD that wrote a negative review on me based on the fact that I actually had the nerve to want a say in my treatment

Minerals for Afib
by: Anonymous

After the first time i ended up in the emergency room with Afib (where converted spontaneously to normal SR before cardioversion). After this episode I went to Afib at least once a month, i did not go to the ER, and converted in 6-72 hours.

In about a year, i had four episodes in a month! I got no advice from my doctor. I went to an arrhythmia specialist, who basically told me, this is just going to get worst. Options are, blood thinners, cardioversion or pill in the pocket, and finally ablation. When i read the warnings about Flecainide, i never took it and hit the internet. I was amazed, that my doctor never mentioned anything to me about possible electrolyte imbalance as a cause for Afib, when i was on BenicarHCT (HCT is a diuretic) for my BP, neither ever checked my electrolyte levels. I also drank coffee (diuretic). I started taking Mg and Taurine, ate a banana and drank OJ every morning. Afib became rare again. I went to a BP specialist who changed my med to Inspra ( a potassiun sparing diuretic). I did not have A fib for over a year now!

What Minerals
by: Justin

I am curious as to what minerals you took. I have been in constant AFIB for 2 weeks now. I am doing intensive magnesium IV therapy. I would love to know what minerals you are referring to. I am taking a blood test to determine my cellular levels of all the important minerals.

Taurine/B12 for A Fib
by: Anonymous

Taurine has kept my husband out of A Fib for going-on 2 years now. My step-dad's A Fib stopped almost immediately after taking a B-12 supplement.

thank you
by: Lynne J

I'm so glad I tripped over myself into your website. I've had multiple challenges through the years that were aggravated by some prescription drugs and a depressed immune system. I'm struggling now with shortness of breath due to what I believe is AFIB - doctors can't seem to agree. But, I'm going to do some rearranging of my mineral intake; I've been "going holistic" for a few years and have improved overall. Most docs have told me I "should be dead". Really? I also trust in the healing power of the Lord. Thank you for being here. I'm giving the mineral rearrangement a try and will keep you posted. God bless ~~~~~

Liquid minerals for AFIB
by: JAN Johnson

Most doctors have no education in "preventive" medicine. They are "fix it after it breaks" technicians. Most of the folks in this conversation are discussing how to prevent the cause of AFIB. LIQUID MINERALS (I take Mineral Rich). You can goggle it. It comes with or without Aloe. I choose with Aloe. Until your system gets conditioned .. never on an empty stomach. I put mine in OJ. However is has a very pleasant berry taste. My own investigation has told me that my very irregular digestive system gets irritated and triggers my Vegus Nerve which in turn triggers my AFIB episode. Even Gas (bloating) can trigger an episode. But in addition to working to keep my GUT healthy.. I work on revitalizing the health of my "nerves" by suppling it with an overload of liquid minerals which also includes all of the vitamins that support the body’s assimulation of these minerals. It’s not like an aspirin. Do not expect total results in thirty minutes. Watch the progress over a month or two. Can’t hurt.. even my nails and hair are growing!!💕 I could write a book about responses I’ve had from cardiologists. After asking one of the possibility of Vegus vs minerals, etc.. , he leaned back in his chair and said,"Face it, you are in AFIB because you are getting old"! That’s when I knew I needed to fire him. Anyone who can’t or won’t learn.. are not just old they are dead. Yes he did give me a "code" on my records which indicates an uncooperative patient. Too bad!! Still no AFIB TEN MONTHS. These same minerals cured my Mother in law’s neuropathy. Her doctor could not believe it. He had operated on her feet just three months earlier without any pain blocking meds!! All to do with worn out nerves.

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