How much magnesium to take with 10,000 IU s of Vitamin D per day?

by Donna
(Lancaster, PA)

I am deficient in Vitamin D. I had my levels tested & my TOTAL was, <10(ngmL). I am currently taking 10,000 IUs if Viatmin D3/day, for the past 3 days, but no magnesium. How do I know how much magnesium to take?

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Dec 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have followed many of the links to try to find an answer to this question, and, not been able to find a definitive answer. So, forgive me if I'm asking a question which you've already answered. I was tested and found very low in Vit. d about 3 months ago. I was at 15. I began taking 8000 iu per day, along with 400 mg of mag citrate (the capsule I take is actually a combination of citrate, malate, and glycinate). About two week ago, I lowered the dose of Vit. D to 6000 iu, per day, because I was concerned that I might be taking more Vit. D than I should, in comparison to the amount of magnesium I take. Also, I tend to be rather sensitive to meds. So, I wanted to ease back a bit. That said, I am not feeling much overall relief of symptoms since I began taking the Vit. D. So, I am thinking I should increase my magnesium a bit more, perhaps by one more dose a day (the capsules I take come in 133 mg), to a total of 533. I am taking no calcium, at all, other than what is

Sep 12, 2012
By reading my site
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

By reading my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D and then clicking on the blue underlined link on that page where it says,

"...the good news is that the vast majority of these problems can be cleared up or easily prevented by being sure to take magnesium, in a dosage that is outlined on the Magnesium Dosage page, along with your vitamin d."

Kerri Knox, RN

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