How long should I continue the regimen?

by Patti

I have been on the basic regime for Levaquin Tendonitis recovery since June 15, 2014. This has included 900mg of Mg/day, 5000-7500 Vit D3/day, and all the other suggested minerals etc. I use the Mg gel (Ancient Minesls) daily and soak in Epson salts once a week. The first few months I was going to a physical therapist 3 times a week and now I try to get a leg and foot massage once a week. I cut back on Ca to a minimal amount in June also.

Now the nutritionist said my Ca level is too low and is worried my body will begin to steal Ca from my bones. And he is worried if I am taking so much Mg orally plus topically where it is all going? And how I can get away from the potty at all with this much Mg daily. I am fine as far as bowel movements - loose but still formed.

Also as a side note I was prescribed Levaquin for a sinus infection in October 2010 (2 back to back 10 day doses) and was not told any of the possible side effects. I was a very active 57 year old at the time and swam 4 times a week and played golf twice a week walking the course. i did later find my Vit D level was low (2012).

Unfortunately since then my knee has been damaged and my Achilles tendon torn and all of my tendons in my legs are very tight. And this is why after I am trying to get my tendons repaired so I can again feel good and be active. I do still swim but can no longer play golf and experience daily low grade pain in my legs and feet.

My question:
I think I am feeling better. My leg tendons feel looser and not so tight all the time. How long is it safe for me to continue the high doses of Mg? And what should I do about the low levels of Ca? Can I increase my Ca dosage or will this just counteract what I have accomplished? Or have I washed my body in Mg long enough and I
have gotten as much benefit from this as I can. Originally, before
my Ca levels dropped too low, I had planned to try this regime for a year.

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how long
by: Kerri

Hi Patty,

Well, you can essentially continue this indefinitely. You can take the vitamins and do the diet, literally, for the rest of your life. You can cut back on the magnesium to whatever the lowest dosage is that you can still feel good and not have symptoms. And yes, you can add some calcium. There do seem to be some people who just need more calcium, and you may be one of them.

I would definitely go off the magnesium slowly, as you may have symptoms return once you start decreasing the magnesium. I personally take between 400-600 mg per day just to maintain good health. Dr. Carolyn Dean, the author of the Magnesium Miracle takes upwards of 1200 mg per day, every day and has done so for many years. We need a lot of magnesium, and as long as you are feeling OK, your doctor's worry about too much magnesium is unfounded.

Just have her do a magnesium level if she is concerned. If you are having a problem, your magnesium level will be high. But it takes enormous amounts of magnesium to raise levels too high, and almost no one with functional bowels and kidneys will take too much magnesium.

So, yes, you can add some calcium. If you are low, then you need it, and it may even make you feel a bit better. Be sure to calculate in the calcium in a multivitamin, if you are taking one, and hopefully you are.

Hope this helps. If you are feeling better, you can gradually go off the protocol if you wish, but really this is a lifelong program. You were effected by Levaquin because you have some genetic predispositions to an inability to detoxify, a high need for magnesium, or a mitochondrial issue, among other things. So it's prudent to take care of these weaknesses so that you do not get damaged again.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Kerri Knox, RN

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