How can I reverse prolonged Vitamin D Toxicity and possible Hypercalemia?

by John

I was taking a vitamin D3 liquid oil supplement 60,000 - 180,000 IUs/day for about 8 months in '09 in an attempt to get over a chronic sinus infection and prevent cold/flu. Last November '09 I started having symptoms for irregular heartbeats, nervousness, insomnia, weight loss, and muscle weakness.

I met with my physician and had blood work done. My vitamin D3 level was 406 ng/mL and probably had been for months. I stopped taking the supplement immediately. But my physician didn't recommend anything else at the time except to recheck the blood levels in a few months. But the symptoms did not subsided at all.

I was not aware of the potential toxic effects of D3 until this month. I recently found out that vitamin D toxicity can cause hypercalemia.

I had my blood checked about a month ago (Feb '10) and my D3 level was still 182 ng/mL, my phosphate serum was 2.3 MG/DL, my calcium-PTH was 9.7 MG/DL and showed a high primaray and tertiary hyper parathyroidism High and non-parathyroid hypercalcemia as High.

In additon to stopping the D3 supplement, I am now limiting my calcium intake and have increased my magnesium intake. I'm also starting Myers cocktail (without the calcium included) I-Vs once a week.

Is there anything more I can do now to reverse the effects of vitamin D toxicity and possible hypercalcemia that may have been present for several months last summer/fall? Should I have my kidney function and heart function checked? What can I do to reverse effects on my nervous system and brain now? What tests can I do to keep checking the levels or know if I did any permanent damage to these soft tissues?

Finally, my daughter (5 yrs. old at the time) was also taking about 6,000 - 20,000 IUs/day over the same period of time. She didn't appear to have had any adverse symptoms but now I'm really concerned she may have been toxic too. What tests should I ask to be done to check her for Vitamin D toxicity and hypercalcemia?

Please respond and help if you can, I'm having a hard time finding good sources of information for my questions!

Thank you,

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That's really a medical question...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi John,

That's really a medical question and something that I can't particularly answer. Certainly getting your daughter's Vitamin D levels and calcium levels checked is vital.

You could get a bone density scan to check for osteoporosis as well. But whether there are any other remedies to bring down your vitamin d level quicker and/or resolve the hypercalcemia and parathyroid issues, I don't know.

Sorry that I couldn't help more.

You could ask Dr. John Cannell at the Vitamin D Council or one of the doctors or nurses that run the Grassroots Health vitamin d website.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Detox your body
by: Anonymous

I suggest your detox your body with daily saunas (30 minutes - 1 hour, start with 15 minutes and discuss this with your doctor), mineral baths (2 cups Epsom salts and 2 cups baking soda), and drinking a gallon of water a day.

John, how did things work out?
by: Kris

Please give an update on how you and your daughter are doing!

by: Anonymous

I was wondering how did the gentleman and his daughter recover from vit D overdose?

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