High MCV level symptoms

by Lisa Miller
(Potomac, MD; USA)

What symtoms are seen when a person has a high MCV level? What should I be concerned about this condition?

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It's not a condition
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

High MCV is not a 'condition', it's a marker for conditions. It's a sign of a problem and not a disease or a problem in and of itself. Please see my page on MCV Blood Test to understand this better.

Kerri Knox, RN

Unknown Immune Problems
by: Sonya

Dear Immune Queen,

I was diagnosed with high ACE levels when I developed uveitis after eye surgeries.
Was sent eventually to a lung specialist with a question of sarcoidosis ?
That was negative.
Been dealing with a very sensitive immune system. Eyes not healing, been on prednisolone acetate eye drops for two years now.
Also been suffering with from what my gastroenterologist has deduced to be IBS-D for years as well.
My family physician believes they're all connected somehow.
At any rate he just sent me for more blood tests & the following of my Results were high:

Triglycerides -218
Total Colesterol-251
Any suggestions or thoughts?

read the thread
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Please read the thread and see my page on MCV Blood Test that is already outlined in the thread.

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