High MCV count


I have had 3 folliculitis within a few months (each time on my right leg, 1 large boil). Last time I went to see a doctor because I wanted to know why they keep reappearing. Please see my blood test results below; I have high MCV count.

I am currently traveling (family emergency) and can't go see my dermatologist. She emailed me the results.

I do have fatigue, hair loss, constant urinal infections (few years back I had 10 within a year)... What test should I get done? I am normal weight (160cm and 53kg). I don't smoke, drink socially.

Any other info please let me know..

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High MCV
by: Kerri

Please read my page on MCV Blood Test. This will answer many of your questions.

Kerri Knox, RN

MCV high
by: Anonymous

I have alopecia areata I have had it since I was 11 I recently received a letter from the hospital saying my MCV levels were high on the letter they said that this was unexplained as my maetanics test were all normal they have arranged another appointment for me I have also been trying to get pregnant for 2 years will this be why I don't understand it

Alopecia and high MCV
by: Anonymous

You have Vitamin B12 deficiency. Please see my page on MCV Blood Test to see why that is true. Yes, that could be the cause of you not getting pregnant.

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