High MCV and High Vitamin B12 Levels

by sheila
(beckley west virginia)

I found out 4 years ago I had high b12 which concerned me but not my dr.s the last 2 blood test I had showed high MCV and high b12 still I cant get any help for this I have been very ill for the last 7 months with no relief.Ihave been to 14 different dr.s all I found out is I have thyroid nodules and normal tsh t3 and t4.After reading this info from your web site im worried I have some type of absorption problem.i do not take any supplements so its not high from that I did test positive for gluten sensitivity 4 years ago I tested negative for h-pylori and celiacs.i need help feel im dying my nerves are so bad im having extreme panic attacks dizzy and unable to work or drive its extreme and I cannot get help from no one!They all treat me with anxiety meds a band aid! I need help please!!! Thank you!

ps b12 reads 998 (normal is 211-946)
MVC is 98

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by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

Hi Sheila,

Please see my page on MCV Blood Test to see why high MCV is related to Vitamin B12 deficiency EVEN IF you have high levels.

It sounds like you might have the MTHR Genetic Mutation that does not allow you to absorb Vitamin B12 and folic acid normally. You should be tested for this genetic mutation. It's quite common and the treatment is to avoid all vitamin B12 and folic acid that are not in the methyl forms. I carry Beyond B12 which is a formulation that is safe for those with the MTHFR mutation for just that reason. You can have high blood levels and not be absorbing the vitamin B12 when you have the genetic mutation.

Kerri Knox, RN

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