High Calcium Level

by Brandon


I'm a 22 years old male.

Have had troubles for the past 3 months with frequent urination (some days are fine), bit of nausea and a small stomach pain

Week ago I had a blood calcium level of 10.3 mg/l (lab range 8.6 - 10.0), and in my urine it was 302 (range 100 - 300) ...

My doctor said it was nothing, it could be stress and it wasn't a big deal it could just get me kidney stones (I will change my doctor)

So yesterday I had another blood test that I ordered myself with PTH, my Calcium level was 10.5 (higher than last time) and my PTH was 33,3 pg/mL (range 14.90 - 56.90)

I checked on the internet and saw that if my calcium is high but that my PTH is normal it could be a cancer, I'm a bit afraid to be honest, they said that in 50% of hypercalcemia it was malignant, and the rest was parathyroid problems, etc ...

Gonna see a different doctor next week, I really hope it's not a cancer!

Any opinions?


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Nov 25, 2017
by: Kerri

Just check Parathyroid.com

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