High Blood Calcium, Low Vitamin D count in blood

by Marti
(Millerton, NY, Dutchess)

I have high blood calcium and low vitamin d count in blood, yet I do not have parathyroid tumors. So what can the problem be?

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Your Parathyroid Hormone Levels
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Marti,

Did you have a parathyroid hormone level drawn? If so, what was it. If not, then you need to get one.

Did they say how they know that you don't have parathyroid tumors?

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

High Blood Calcium, Low Vitamin D count in blood
by: Marti

I had a sonogram the other day which showed NO tumors on the parathyroids. Don't know what the parathyroid hormone count was, will need to check and get back to you.

Hate to tell you...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Marti,

When you get your parathyroid level back, you should compare it with the chart on the diagnosis page at Parathyroid.com. Just scroll about 1/2 way down to see the chart of Blood Calcium Levels vs. parathyroid levels and then you might want to contact THEM to see if there is a good endocrinologist that specializes in the parathyroid glands that is in your area.

Unfortunately, the doctor who saw you probably has NO IDEA how to diagnose parathyroid disease- and you need to see a parathyroid specialist to get correctly diagnosed.

On parathyroid.com, which is the ONLY reference that I use for parathyroid issues, about Ultrasounds to diagnose parathyroid issues, they state, "Ultrasound exams done at your local radiology center or the radiology department of a hospital will also not show the tumor in most cases! Less than 12% of these ultrasound scans will show the tumor.. We would NEVER send a patient for an ultrasound test."

So, the 'Expert' specialists in parathyroid disease would NEVER send their patients for an Ultrasound to diagnose parathyroid disease, so why is YOUR doctor doing it.

My advice. See a specialist and do NOT take Vitamin D Supplements- I'm going to repeat that- Do NOT under any circumstances take Vitamin D Supplements until a specialist in Parathyroid disease gives you the all-clear.

Parathyroid disease is the ONE reason that you should never take Vitamin D without being entirely cleared by a parathyroid specialist.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

high calcium
by: Anonymous

I have a calcium level that stays around 11. some times a little higher sometimes lower. I am having many problems because of this. I paid the $1,200 dollars to the people at parathyriod.com as you suggested and they told me I do not have a parathroid problem. so now I still have high calcium and I am out $1,200!!! what else causes high calcium?????

I did NOT tell you to pay any money to ANYONE!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I in NO WAY told ANYONE to pay any money to ANYONE for ANYTHING!!! I have NEVER EVER EVER on my site said to pay the people at parathyroid.com ANY money whatsoever, and in fact I did not even KNOW that you COULD pay them for anything!

YOU are responsible for your OWN expenditures, so please do not blame me for 'telling you' to do something that I in NO WAY shape or form 'told' you to do.

I'm sorry about you feeling like you lost money and I'm sorry that you didn't get your problem solved, but since you paid $1,200, it would have been a FANTASTIC idea for you to have asked them to help you find out what else might be causing your high calcium levels.

Kerri Knox, RN

High Blood Calcium, Normal PTH levels
by: Anonymous

My endrocronologist has told me that my PTH levels are normal but my blood calcium levels are high. I have been taking high doses of calcium supplements (1300 mg) plus I drink two glasses of almond milk per day (600 mg) and I eat cheese and yogurt. I am obvious taking way too much calcum into my system.

My question is: If I stop taking the supplements and monitor my daily intake of calcium will my blood calcium levels decrease and if so over what span of time.

Please read the threds that I mention in the thread
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please go back and read the links to parathyroid.com and Blood Calcium Levels that I sent the previous poster to in THIS thread and that will answer your questions. Calcium intake in the diet has zero to do with your high calcium levels and is 99% of the time due to a 'broken' parathyroid metabolism.

That your PTH levels are normal, means little to nothing to determine if you have parathyroid disease.

Kerri Knox, RN

Learning for Myself
by: Christina

Hi there! I am on my 3rd doctor in 2 years not to mention the specialists I have seen. My Calcium this blood test is 10.7 and my Vit D is 13.0. For the past two years my labs have looked like this. My liver, kidneys,stomach well shoot everything basically has had trouble. Every symptom on the list at Parathyroid.com is me with the exception of one. I have been battling the symptoms for over 10 years. All the docs wanted to do is treat me one organ at a time. My first thyroid ultrasound was when I was 28 and I am now 40.I finally seen a kidney specialist that sat down with me and talked. As a matter of fact she wouldn't take me on as a patient and even gave me back my copay because she said I needed a doc that would look at the whole body as one, not seperate parts. She also told me that I need to be the manager of my own health. Best advice I have ever gotten.

Since that conversation I have a file I started. All my lab results all the tests I have ever had are in my own personal file. I have started researching for myself and I have learned a lot. Of coarse I still don't know what is up with me but I am a little smarter. I don't take what the doctor says at face value amymore. I find out what he's talking about and let him know if I agree or disagree. For instance I knew going into the last thyroid ultrasound that they would not see a tumor if there was one in my gland but I went anyway because I have nodules and Hoshimoto's and wanted to see if that had changed any since the last tests.

I am the one that informed my doctor to do a PTH test. I have decided to go to Wake Forest in Winston-Salem NC for surgery if that is what is going on. Now just waiting on those PTH results....

Just Need An Answer...
by: Anonymous

Hey..I have been going to the doctor since March. I initially went in because of abdomen pain and a blood test came back showing I had elevated calcium levels. After many tests and switching doctors I still don't have a real answer. My calcium levels have been between 10.4 and 11, my pth level has come back normal, parathyroid scan came back normal, urine calcium came back 381, and my vitamin D levels came back low, 18. My current doctor gave me vitamin D pills to take over the course of 8 weeks and if my calcium is still high she wants to send me to a nephrologist, but I have read that even with normal pth and scan it can still be a tumor on the parathyroid. I am not one of 'those' people who thinks that because they google everything they know more than a doctor, but I think it's time to see a specialist. With the information I have, is an endocrinologist the best option for me?

Parathyroid specialist
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

It sounds as though yes, you do have enough information that you might benefit from a specialist. But I would not see 'just' an endocrinologist, but a parathyroid specialist (who will BE an endocrinologist, but will have more training and expertise that a 'regular' endocrinologist will not have.

Please see Parathyroid.com

Kerri KNox, RN

numbers aren't everything
by: Anonymous

I went this same route two years ago, and low vitamin d (7) higher calcium, pth levels normal; it took them a long time to climb but after 3 endos saw an endocrinology specialist (surgeon) he did an ultrasound and saw the tumor.

They are looking for a grain of rice basically. Had tumor out in 2012 took 6 mos. to get back to normal. Now having same symptoms, calcium going up pth up a little but not frightening to drs. but I feel horrible with about 20 symptoms again.

They just refuse to operate until the pth levels get really high they don't care how you feel! Someone has to tell these people numbers aren't everything it's the horrible way you FEEL.

by: Rita

About 3 months ago I ended up at a ENT doctor because after a severe ear infection, my family doctor thought I had an Eustachian tube problem.
After tests and blood work,the only abnormality was high calcium.I had other symptoms that I told him about:indigestion,severe fatigue,headaches,up and down blood pressures,unusual swallowing,and others.
He wanted me to go to a gastroenterologist for my heartburn and a doctor of eternal medicine for my high calcium. My calcium was 10.6 and my PTH was41.

I happened upon www.parathyroid.com and I was amazed!I had about 7 symptoms of high calcium which could mean parathyroid disease! My ENT doc had said nothing of this! Now the doctor of internal medicine wants me to have high doses of Vitamin D3 (count 22)to lower the calcium.

I am confused!

not sure what you are confused about
by: Kerri Knox, RN

I'm not sure what you are confused about. You read parathyroid.com. Please go read them again and it will clarify your confusion.

by: Anonymous

I'm a 23 year old male. Problems with stomach/intestinal issues (celiac), depression, lack of any entergy (hard to get out of bed).

My Vitamin D has been 21, and my calcium has been 10.3 consistantly for the last 6 years. Honestly I have not good about taking the vitamin D (5000).

I read an article that said that "YOU DO HAVE Hyperparathyroid" if your D is low and your calcium is high. Is it that easy to make the diagnosis? What other issues can cause low D and higher calcium?

listen to the article.
by: Kerri Knox

The article is almost certainly correct. You should see a parathyroid specialist.

Very confused, i am not in table
by: Mehmet K.

Actually i am very confused, because my values are not in the table you mentioned. My calcium level is 10,51 and ipth is 30 as normal level. Even according to Usg control parathyroids are OK and no tumors. My vitamin D level is 31. What should be the problem of me? Thanks.

by: Anonymous

Went for a normal routine blood work and the result came back with a 11.2 calcium level and low Vitamin d level. The Dr. said it’s usually a parathyroid disease or it might be cancer. I’ve read everything or symptoms of cancer and I do not have any of it. The scary part is now I am very worried. I am a 29 year old guy very active. Never been sick for a long period, though I do not exercise as often and also blood work shows I have high cholesterol. But what I don’t understand is before my blood work, which I didn’t even know I was doing, I had a McDouble from mcDonalds. So I’m a bit confused and worried atbthe same time.

No tumor... what now?
by: Anonymous

I have vitamin d of 18 and calcium of 10.2, but no tumor. Parathyroid was 167 one time and 57 the next. They said I needed to stay hydrated and take 2000 of vitamin d. They say no surgery now but monitoring levels. Should I get a second opinion?

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