Help with Blood and B12 Levels

by Helen

I have symptoms for some time mostly muscle pain, tightness, numbness tingling pins and needles in hands and feet. Cramps and muscle twitching in legs and eyelids.

Also tiredness, weakness, low resistance to infection.

I felt some of my blood results were low and could relate to some sort of anemia or b12 deficiency but Dr says fine and nothing to do with my symptoms so just looking for an opinion on results as follows:

B12 - 256
Ferratin 27
Folate 9.77

red blood count 4.57
haemtatrocit 0.38
mcv 84
rbcw 11.5
haemogloin concentration 28
neautrophil 2.6
basophil 0.1

serum alkaline phosphotase 30 - other bone profile all average.

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About your symptoms.
by: Anonymous

One question.were you on any Quinolone Antibiotics, such as Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, or any of their generics, anytime before this all this started? Even months before it all started? If so you could be suffering from the toxic side effects of these horrific drugs. There are thousands of people who are going through a lot of the same type of symptoms as you. Including my husband and myself.

If so, you need much more information on how to heal yourself, we learned through this site. Please do some research if you have been on any of these meds.

Re: Help with Blood and B12 Levels
by: Anonymous

Helen, The following two books will be of enourmous help to you. Given what you wrote, I absolutely recommend them for you:

Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses


The Magnesium Miracle

BTW: MD's only get, on average, 23.9 hours of training in nutrition in medical school. See the Pubmed study:

Status of nutrition education in medical schools.

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