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this happened to me
by: Anonymous

i have been looking for anything explaining the link between Vitamin D and my symptoms because through trial and error ive 100% narrowed it down to taking D3 pills

like the other poster i also went to the ER after taking 5000IU of vitamin D, going to sleep and waking up half numb with heart palpitations, basically i felt like i was about to die from cardiac arrest, i was also EXTREMELY disoriented, i literally felt like i was stoned out of my mind and i don't even drink let alone do drugs

i have the same symptoms with just taking 1 pill 400IU of vitamin d which i have now STOPPED, but ill try with magnesium supplements to see if it changes anything because i know i need the vitamin D since i barely go outside

just to list the symptoms again: numbness, weird feeling in chest mix of heart palpitations and almost a painful tightness, very distinct DISORIENTATION, waking up from sleep for no apparent reason

im 26 years old, male, and in excellent health, no allergies, i don't take any meds

Heart Palpitations Gone. Thank you.
by: Nora

I have visited your site many times in recent weeks. I only wish I had found it about seven years ago. I perhaps could have prevented all those years of suffering.

I have a doctor, well a few doctors, four to be exact that kept putting me on high doses of Vitamin D2, 50000 IU weekly, I kept telling them how I was not dealing well with it and they ignored me, repeatedly.

This last time, I just could not take anymore. I was in such pain and the vitamin d seemed to be making all my symptoms more pronounced. Symptoms like difficulty swallowing, nausea, bone pain, muscle aches, all over body twitches, severe depression, insomnia some times, always exhausted, sometimes sleeping for a very long time, but never rested and spasms. The list goes on and on. I told my doctor this and she just ignored me and had the nurse call me later when she got my vitamin d results back and they were no better and had gone down a point or so even, 14 I believe.

I got on the internet and researched and researched, and came to your site, at last!!! Finally information that made sense!!! I could barely move at this point, it was as if my body were not my own, or at least I did not want it to be mine.

I got up early and went to the store and bought some magnesium and vitamin D3 supplements. I came home and started taking them right away. I then tried to sleep, I woke up a few hours later and still ached all over. Oddly enough, I started feeling better quite quickly though. Before I knew it my pain was gone, the twitches were gone, heart palpitations almost gone, and chest pains almost gone.

It has only been a month or so but most of my symptoms are gone or lessened greatly. I feel like my body has a long way to go in restoring itself, but I have something I have not had for many years, HOPE!!!


I wish I could find a doctor that would help me to evaluate my overall health and help me to get on the right supplements all the way around. The chances for that seem to be slim to none, since my doctor didn't even know that I needed magnesium along side of the vitamin d. I am just so angry, and sad that I suffered for so long and was treated like a hypochondriac by my doctors.

Are my ears ringing from excess Vitamin D
by: Mary

My doctor prescribed the 50,000 IU vitamin D2 pill for me to take once per week and also told me to take 1,000 - 2,000 IU of vitamin D each of the other six days of the week, along with 1200 mg of calcium. One night after taking the sixth of the prescribed 50,000 IUs, I practically blacked out. The 1,000 - 2,000 Vitamin D that I was taking on the other six days was not D2 but D3... after the night I blacked out I was sick (nauseated) for about ten days, and my ears are still ringing (two weeks now). My D levels were very low when I started (26.5 ng/mL) and after the six weeks came up to 35 ng/mL ... but I want to know if this is what has caused the ringing in my ears and if so, when it will stop!

See the page on ringing in the ears and vitamin d
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

Please see the page on Ringing in the Ears after Taking Vitamin D

Kerri Knox, RN

Vitamin and Palpitations
by: Anonymous

I had a bone density test and my Dr. told me take Vitamin D3 and Calcium for the ostopedia. He also had a test to see if my body was okay with Vitamin D3 and it was. Thyroid is excellent. I started to take Vitamin D3 about a year ago. Everything was okay, no palpitations, I did have some muscles spasms, my hip down to my shids especially at night….talk about pain. Didn't have these pains before. In March, I started to have palpitations, little ones, constant….it was very uncomfortable. I thought oh no now what? I have been wondering what is causing these palpitations? I watched what I ate, drank, and then, this morning I was carefully watching what I was doing….before these palpitations started again. I put two gummies Vitamin D3 in my mouth, then I proceeded to make my egg/toast/ginger tea. Sat down and the palpitations started….wow. So, I thought is it my Ginger tea, Mustard on my egg or the Vitamin D3….I got on my computer and googled Vitamin D3 and Palpitations. I tapped into your site and what I'm reading about this Vitamin D3 is unbelievable!! I'm probably taking too much or maybe just quit. I'm so frightened with these palpitations…..thank you so much for helping me.

Vit D3
by: Anonymous Jennifer

My dr has put me on vitD 3 chewable tabs but also have palpitations. Could this be because these pills do not seem to contain magnesium?

Please read the thread
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Your question was already answered in the thread that you are commenting on.

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