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I recently went to my doctor for chest, abdominal and back pains. He did blood testing and it came back with a high level of h pylori bacteria. My doctor didn't explain anything to me, just called and said I have 3 medications to pick up at the pharmacy.

I've searched the Internet for answers and feel so embarrassed and gross because it most of what I've read says it's from poor hygiene or transmitted orally or sexually. I am a very clean person, and my husband is as well, and doesn't have any symptoms that I do. How else could I have gotten this? Should I have my husband and kids tested?

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Not poor hygiene
by: Kerri Knox, RN The Immune System Queen

It's not due to 'poor hygiene' any more than catching a cold is due to 'poor hygiene' and you should be no more embarrassed or feel gross for getting H pylori than you would for catching a cold.

And that it is transmitted orally is true, but mothers can even pass it onto their children through loving normal maternal kisses. No one should feel 'gross' from having kissed their mother or husband.

How could you have got it? Maybe from being TOO clean. When we remain too clean, as many westerners are, we don't challenge our immune systems and we can become sick MORE easily.

You could have got it from ANYONE, there is no need to test every contact you have ever had in order to find the source. Besides, even if your family all has it, it could have been YOU that gave it to THEM. You could have had H pylori since childhood and got it from your mother! There is no possibility of knowing these things.

So, stop worrying about it being 'gross' or who gave it to you. The only reasons to test your family are:

A) If they also show symptoms OR
B) You are unable to eliminate the H pylori, since someone in your family might give it back to you.

But it's not acceptable to give someone who is not sick harsh drugs with serious side effects, like antibiotics, because you think that the infection is 'gross'.

Kerrri Knox, RN

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