H pylori

by Adam
(United Kingdom)

Hi, I was diagnosed with having H Pylori infection when I was 20 year old. I got put on a triple therapy course of medication for 2 weeks, which completely eradicated it. I am now 32 years old and starting to get abdominal discomfort again not to the extent of when I had the infection but it's still uncomfortable. I am a male. It just has me a bit worried when you read that h pylori can lead to gastric cancer, should I be getting regular tests done to rule this out, or am I just worrying too much?

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Just get tested
by: Kerri Knox, RN

If you think that you might have H pylori again, just get tested and find out. Why the need to 'worry' about it when you can just find out? It's not some mysterious illness, it's just an infection that can be easily tested. Just be sure to get an H Pylori Stool Test and not a blood test, since it's possible you can still have antibodies in your blood from your previous infection.

After an infection, the only accurate way to test is to do a stool test. A negative blood test would ensure that you are negative, however a positive blood test would not necessarily indicate a current infection. Therefore, the stool test is the only accurate way to check for a current infection.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

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H Pylori Breath Test
by: Tom Johnson


I also took a Genova baterial overgrowth breath test for h pylori last week- awaiting results. Is this type of test accurate as stool tests?

I have had h pylori in 2006 and did test slightly positive a few weeks ago. Another stool sample test not for h pylori shoew some funfi but no bad bacteria.

Bought your ebook and am following most of the diet and supplements.

I have been taking Protonix for acid and pain (for gastritis type stomach pain (left and right gut and left side gut pain).

Can the h. pylori stool test be taken while on Protonix and without a restricted diet or any prep?


If you tested positive, then you're positive
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Hi Tom,

If you test positive by stool test or breath test, then you are positive. If you test 'slightly' positive on a blood test after having the infection a long time ago, then that doesn't mean anything. There's no need to take a stool test until about a month after you finish treatment. If you have the breath test out, then just wait until that comes back. So, it seems you starting following the protocol before you knew you were positive? That 'could' effect your test results on the breath test. But since you started, you may as well just finish the protocol.

The breath test is pretty accurate, it's just cumbersome, which is why I don't recommend it. But if you've already had one, then it's not a problem.

Kerri Knox, RN

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