H Pylori Eradication Results

by Joanne Munro

Hi Kerry~

Thanks so much for your informative publication-I read the entire e-book and found it very helpful. I also ordered additional supplements from your site. I am also working with a functional ND

I recognize that you cannot make medication recommendations but I was hopeful you could advise me regarding next steps. Prior to my H Pylori diagnosis, I was treating my leaky gut with many of your suggested supplements including vitamin D, selenium, DHL and Glutashield. I have also ordered GI Revive and L-Carnosine to heal my gut.

I completed the antibiotic regimen prior to getting your e-book and the symptoms had completely resolved for almost 3 weeks. Then a few days ago I started feeling very nauseous again with similar digestion problems. So distressing that I needed to resume taking the Omeprazole to function daily.

1) I'm not sure whether I am not producing enough stomach acid-but am fearful that the Omeprazole may impede my healing-any suggestions?

2) I'm not sure whether the H Pylori is causing the symptoms-but I should still wait the 30 days to re-take the stool analysis test right?

I really value and appreciate your time-any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you~
Joanne Munro

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Nov 03, 2017
by: Kerri

1. In the short term, the Omeprazole shouldn't impede healing, but once on, it's hard to get off and can lead to problems long term, like nutrient deficiencies. I have suggestions for acid reflux in the book.

You can CAUTIOUSLY try the HCL tablets even while you are on the omeprazole, then gradually come off if it helps.

2. Yes, you have to wait 30 days after the antibiotics and other 'killing' herbs to retest since, if there is any leftover bacteria, you can get a false positive.

Wait the 30 days and retest to see if you eradicated it. If not, start over from scratch. I know that's not fun, but there is little other choice.

If you ARE negative but still having some acid reflux symptoms and the HCL doesn't help, you can try taking Mastic Gum, as that can help the reflux symptoms as well, even if you are negative in H pylori.

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