H Pylori and Candida

by Faheem
(Karachi,Pakistan )

I have had symptoms of Candida Albican for a number of years but could not find a Doctor or a lab test in my country to confirm that I had it.

Recently people complained that I had breath and should go see my dentist.
He wrote three tests

1. Liver Function Test

2. H pylori blood antigen

3. HbA1C

I came positive with H Pylori as normal out of range was less then 25 and I was 180.
Also my Gamma gt was elevated. On the otherhand HbA1C was pretty good at less then 5.

With these results I went to an Internist who prescribed the triple therapy. He also suspects that I have a fatty liver and asked me to get an ultrasound which I haven't done as yet.

I am on my second week of triple therapy and a bad Diahrea has started.

Now my question to you is that if I have Candida will it also be controlled by triple therapy?
I know H Pylori is a bacteria while Candida is a Yeast infection but I have read that Antibiotics kill the gut flora.

Best regards

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Antibiotics cause candida, they don't kill it
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

If you have candida, antibiotic therapy will make it worse. Antibiotics kill the 'good' bacteria in your gut, allowing the 'bad' bugs such as candida to proliferate. So if you think you have candida, taking antibiotics is the last thing that you want to do, as it will cause it to be worse.

In fact, the overuse of antibiotics is the number one reason that people have candida in the first place.

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