Guiafensen for Fibromyalgia

by Nicole
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I read in a fibromyalgia book that guiafensen was a key in the treatment, according to the doctor/fibromyalgia patient/author of the book. It's just an expectorant, right? Is there any reason to believe that taking it every day will help?


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Guiafensen isn't a natural treatment
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

If you want to go ahead and use drugs to treat this condition, then you may want to go to a website that talks about the use of Guiafensen for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

I study natural remedies, not drugs, and it's highly doubtful that you got Fibromyalgia from a lack of Guiafensen in your body. Will it work? Like I said, I don't study drugs for these conditions, I study and use natural remedies successfully to help people with these conditions.

I've written a TON of information on the ways that you can help yourself eliminate or improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia in ways that doctors aren't using since they are natural. If you want to keep looking for the elusive magic bullet, like Guiafensen, you won't find it here. You'll find dietary and lifestyle changes that you need to make that caused your fibromyalgia symptoms in the first place and that you need to remedy in order to eliminate your symptoms.

Good luck with your research.

Kerri Knox, RN

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