Getting the Urine Test to Find Out if I'm Vitamin B12 Deficienct

by Theresa

I was diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 Deficiency 6 years ago. I was getting monthly shots from the doctor of Cyanocobalamin. I started administering the shots to myself almost 2 years ago. I do not have insurance, so I ran out of my prescription over 6 months ago. It is very expensive to have the blood work done & the doctor will not prescribe a refill without the blood test. After reading your article I realize that I was not even getting the proper Vitamin B12. I was wondering where I would go to get the unrine test done? I would like to know exactly how deficient I really am. Also, what would you recommend for treament for my deficiency?

Thank you!


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Are you sure that you need it?
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

You can get the urine test for vitamin b12 deficiency on the Methylmalonic Acid Test page at the bottom. But if you are chronically low and you have had chronically low vitamin B12 levels in the past, then you may want to read my page on Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment.

Also, more importantly, aren't you interested in WHY you are chronically vitamin B12 deficient? You may want to take a look at my page on Vitamin B12 Malabsorption and fix the problems as to WHY you are unable to absorb vitamin B12 in the first place!

Being chronically vitamin b12 deficient is not normal, and taking vitamin b12 all the time, while necessary, is a band-aid that doesn't ever fix the problem that is causing you to become vitamin b12 deficient.

Kerri Knox,RN

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